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The Dawn of a New Day
Dawn Escapes - Falling Up When Creed first found mainstream success, it had a lot to do with lead singer Scott Stapp's distinctive, Elvis-meets-Eddie Vedder-meets-Layne Staley (of Alice in Chains) baritone, and before long, virtually every successful modern rock band had found someone who could imitate it.

Much the same is true of pop-punk bands in the post-Sum 41 era: you can smell them all from a mile away, because each of them features a singer doing a Deryck Whibley impression. But place that type of voice against a pop-metal environment, and you've got something new entirely. And that's exactly what you'll find on up-and-comer Falling Up's sophomore effort, Dawn Escapes. Evoking the musicianship and glossy production of Linkin Park, these lads craft an album comparable to anything LP has ever produced, and arguably better in terms of the instrumentals. Though lyrical ambiguity is sometimes a problem, Dawn Escapes is a very promising album that grips you like a vice on first listen and is well worth your while.


Then Is The New Now - Denison Marrs
Then Is The New NOw
Denison Marrs

Blueprints for the Black Market - Anberlin
Blueprints for the Black Market
modern rock artists
All Star United
think Christians don't have fun? ASU employs witty, energetic satire to induce laughs.
the latest in the new school of modern rock, anberlin delivers high-energy pop-tinged songs.
Audio Adrenaline
they've gone through many changes, from rap/rock to their recent pop cuts.
made popular through the superchic[k] song, these three sisters do the pop/rock for the youngsters.
labeled the new successors to jars of clay, they have yet to prove their true worth.
The Benjamin Gate
experimental rock sounds with worshipful lyrics set this south african band apart.
The Billions
a throwback to years gone by, the billions still bring something new to today's musical landscape.
The Blackstones
after years of doing experimental worship under a different name come these seasoned rockers.
they employ novel, abstract ideas to deliver truth through their vegas fuzz-pop
Brave Saint Saturn
spacey rock created by three five iron frenzy members dwells on the darker side of life.
Building 429
although a cookie-cutter rock band, this group seems poised to be a hit at christian radio.
brit-influenced west-coast pop-rock is the category, and they are the 5-piece cadet.
Jeremy Camp
camp rocks out but still manages to keep the lyrics personal.
Chasing Furies
three siblings share a knack for poetry, vivid imagery and profuse, world-weary truth.
much more than a tribute band to the choir, these guys may be the next generation of songwriters.
Eric Clapton
this founder of rock music is still making relevant and innovative music after almost 40 years.
James Clay
a talented singer-songwriter with electic tastes, this james clay will move you after a couple listens.
strings, guitars, and pondering life's mysteries are the basics that make up this british band.
Collective Soul
energetic guitar prodigies with overall positive lyrics but living a secular lifestyle.
Cool Hand Luke
the art rock group with a nonsense name, a drummer who sings, and very unique music.
soothing melodic rock and intelligent lyrics are the name of the game for this indie band.
Counting Crows
attentive songwriting creates a unique musical experience that's tarnished by immoral lyrics.
Daily Planet
sitting the mediocrity of contemporary and rock, these new guys are trying to be your hero.
bringing the mainstream a positive message that's not in-your-face Chrisitanity, it's dakona.
dc Talk
the kings of alt have consistently raised sonic and lyrical standards with every album.
defying description, d: combine echoic rock, joyous pop and intense worship.
Denison Marrs
while they definitely rock out, their well-thought lyrics are the main draw.
a mix of crunchy rock and rock ballads, this new band already has years of shows under their belts.
on the light side of modern rock, downhere is sometime worship, mostly rock, and some creed.
already popular in the club scene, duvall is hitting the christian market with its punk rock sound.
mixing fairy tales with pop/rock, these girls are a brand new genre of rock artists.
Element 101
intelligent alt-rock are the trademarks of this fringe female-fronted band.
The Elms
be surprised by a tight group itching to explore life and not gloss over the doubt.
Ian Eskelin
the main man of all star united goes solo and brings that same spirit of rock and humor.
Everyday Sunday
staying the territory of radio-friendly rock, everyday sunday has some decent tunes to offer.
Falling Up
these friends of kutless bring a varied pop/rock experience using djs and lots of cool styles.
Five Iron Frenzy
fun-filled rock, both musically and lyrically, is used to spread the light of the gospel.
FM Static
a secular punk rock feel that covers mostly secular ideas, yet with a positive vibe.
power chords, heavy distortion, screaming vocals: Brit-rock for the masses, baby.
Forever Changed
another great new rock band, these guys deliver quality punk rock with a spiritual edge.
Justin Fox Band
although one of the most popular indie artists, justin fox just plays rock/worship music.
a wall of guitar and vocal strength support a desire to know and experience God.
these boys (of last name holland) bring smooth modern rock for fans of all ages.
Jacob's Road
an independent rock duo with a female lead, jacob's road is an inspiring new group.
Jars of Clay
they pioneered acoustic rock; now they break new musical ground with each new CD.
Phil Joel
the bassist for the newsboys brings his own songs while keeping the same sound.
Mat Kearney
not hip-hop but nor really rock, this man defines his own genre which is not yet named.
Jennifer Knapp
down-to-earth thoughts delivered with acoustic verve and an incredible voice.
more than "hanging by a moment," lifehouse follows the road less traveled.
The Listening
originally a worship band, this group has grown into a brit-rock force to be rocked with.
are there monsters under the bed? this new band explores this big question and more.
Luke The Band
not to be confused with any other people named 'luke', this is a new pop/rock band.
Luna Halo
the material covers ground in worship, rock and pop—in the course of one song.
putting pop sensibilities to rock music is the specialty of mae, an intriguing new artist.
Kevin Max
this bleached bard combines odd rhythms with eastern sounds to create thought-provoking music.
The Mint
one of the few independent artist who has a national presence, these guys deliver quality rock.
Mourning September
the latest in the world of christian emo-rock bands, they might be good if they make it a couple years.
Mute Math
from the ashes of earthsuit comes the rock-driven, electronic music of mute math.
clever lyrics and aussie sound were their trademarks; now cheese-pop is their focus.
Number One Gun
punk/emo is the growing rage, and number one gun's fuses the two styles with mixed results.
The O.C. Supertones
jr. high guys, unite. passionate love for God set to the fun, unstoppable ska style.
Beatlesque harmonies combine with not-your-mother's lyrical ideas in CCM's hottest trio.
although off to a decent start, this band needs a bit more work to make their sound more diverse.
an encouraging approach to life's troubles, joys, and in-betweens combined with a folksy rock.
Radial Angel
although their first release showed some talent, they must set themselves apart from the rest.
this dallas indie band brings a unique perspective to alternative rock and worship alike.
brits that take rock to a whole new level; five guys with a despairing philosophy.
Red Flecks
fans of the benjamin gate will like this new alt/rock band from nashville.
Relient K
a smorgasbord of alternative styles, relient k uses inventive imagery to tell about God.
Remy Zero
a collective whose lyrics are as awe-inspiring as their relaxed alternative style.
Sanctus Real
just about as straight-up rock you can get, sanctus real keeps it loud and real.
joy electric gone rock, this is ronnie martin's chance to show everyone that it's not all about the synth.
Sigur Ros
the most popular band in iceland delivers a unique, epic rock sound that you can really get into.
Sixpence None the Richer
fronted by the superior voice of leigh nash, sntr applies creative diversity to the gospel.
Slick Shoes
slick shoes have cemented themselves as one of the best punk rockers around.
Smalltown Poets
rocking guitars, smooth vocals, witty lyrics and an all-around easy attitude popularizes these poets.
Taylor Sorensen
a solo artist with a raw, bluesy rock sound that will keep you jammin' to it all day.
a new pop/rock outfit with plenty of talent, this is more proof that canada is taking over.
Starflyer 59
pop melodies with rock edges and jazzy vocals: a sound that is california set to music.
Strange Celebrity
a fusion of hard rock and pop makes for an interesting dynamic and an intriguing new band.
manufacturing their own brand of female-fronted pop/rock, superchic[k] ministers to young kids.
deriving their name from a surfing position, SwF employ a range of styles for their work.
one third of dc talk goes rock 'n' roll and quickly loses the intense rock of pete stewart.
Third Day
southern rock with enough brazen guitar, and sincere perspective to please any listener.
big guitar parts with that delirious? praise edge. inspiration that only south africa could birth.
Trespassers William
they may be rock, but they're the most soothing and yet powerful otherworldly sound.
masters of anthemic rock, u2 combine spirituality with intelligent guitar work and heartfelt vocals.
Viva Voce
never really surfacing, viva voce lives in the underground scene serving up artful rock.
The Waiting
intelligence without wordiness. insightful rock. Christian music's best kept secret.

Compilation Albums
eddie degarmo's new rock musical takes shape through this star-studded soundtrack disc.
DUG Records
a small label introduces their new artists with a split lp.
In The Name of Love
a collection of 13 artists covering u2 songs for a charitable cause..
Listen: Louder
a progressive expression of longing for God's touch—and reveling in His presence.
Making God Smile
some of christian music's greatest innovators gather to honor brian wilson in their own way.
Never Say Dinosaur
jars of clay, audio adrenaline, and others remix rock pioneer petra's greatest hits
Roaring Lambs
"crossover" artists--and a few wanna-be's--present a CD about going into "all the world.".
Ultimate Music Makeover
An interesting idea—Christian music pioneers covered by today's biggest Christian rockers.
Veggie Rocks!
fans of veggietales and christian rock will find the two collide on this disc... with mixed results.
X: The Birthday Album
forefront records celebrates it's 10th birthday, and we get the gift: a two-disc collection.
modern rock news
April 5, 2005 - Welcoming Real Diversity
Marrakech, Morocco's Wali (Governor) Mohamed Hassad extended an invitation last year to bring a contemporary Christian music festival to the country, which is 99 percent Muslim. Friendship Fest took on the invitation and plans to hold a festival May 6-8 in Marrakech.

The festival will be a musical celebration featuring contemporary Christian artists Jeremy Camp, Delirious, Newsboys, Joy Williams, Phil Keaggy, Out of Eden, and Rock N’ Roll Worship Circus, as well as contemporary and traditional Moroccan music.

“Exciting projects such as the Friendship Festival in Marrakech will serve to reinforce good will and understanding between our two peoples," Aziz Mekouar, Moroccan Ambassador to the U.S. said. "As Rick said to Captain Renault at the end of the film Casablanca, 'I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.' ”

Friendship Fest hopes to set a positive example of religious tolerance by sharing the love of God through songs and testimonies. They estimate the free event will draw more than 100,000 people a day from all across the world.

For more information please visit Friendship Fest.
- Josh 

March 24, 2005 - Older, out of print songs now available online
Forefront Records reports today that EMI-Christian Music Group will be releasing nearly 3,900 previously unavailable songs to "Major Digital Music Service Providers."

Over 310 EMI-CMG albums will be made available, including "older and out-of-print titles" from the likes of Bleach, E.T.W., Grammatrain, Geoff Moore and the Distance, Pete Stewart and The Normals, among others.

Catalogue titles from Steven Curtis Chapman, Rebecca St. James, newsboys, Audio Adrenaline and Chris Tomlin are also now available.

- Ben 

March 16, 2005 - The Elms Set Out To Burn The Fields
Burn The Fields DVD - Click to view!Today marks the release of Burn The Fields: The Elms Live in Indiana. Last summer the Seymour, Indiana-based rock band recorded a live concert near their hometown and caught all of it on video. The 90-minute live feature contains 14 songs, including three previously unreleased songs as well as covers of The Monkees and The Who.

The band has been working for months to deliver a truly high-quality product in this DVD, and it shows. Included as a bonus feature is a 45-minute behind-the-scenes documentary on putting on the concert directed by frontman Owen Thomas. Owen also lended his hand for hand-drawn packaging and DVD menus. The disc also includes 30 minutes of interviews with the four members of the band and even a hidden easter egg of a couple classic songs. The DVD is available exclusively at shows and through the band's website, theElms.net.

For the past six months The Elms have been recording their long-awaited follow-up to Truth, Soul, Rock & Roll. Although no release date has been set, the band hopes to have the music available soon. A couple weeks ago they performed showcases for label personnel in L.A., and possibly a yet-unnamed record deal has matured from those meetings. The Elms continue to tour often around the country although no official national tour has been announced for some time now.
- Dan 

March 12, 2005 - Preview Redemption Songs @ jarsofclay.com
Jars of Clay is offering previews of three songs from their upcoming album Redemption Songs on their official website. As various other media outlets have noted also, the band is also releasing a four-song digital EP, available from iTunes and Real Rhapsody for about $4. Redemption Songs releases on March 22.
- Ben 

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