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We hailed it as one of their best yet while some others found it a bore. Learn more about Wire, the latest album from Third Day through our interview. We talk with Brad Avery about the album, the Live Wire DVD, and the infamous rock star tour rider. Read full interview...

MAY 2003
On the third day of the third month of the third year of the millennium, we caught up with Brad Avery, guitar player for Third Day, for a few moments to talk about their upcoming release, Offerings II, and where Third Day has been and where Third Day is headed. Read full interview...

JUNE 2000
Read the exclusive interview with Mac Powell of Third Day. Mac talks about their latest CD, Time, the Third Day/Jennifer Knapp tour, Conspiracy No. 5, worship, and their upcoming live CD. Read full interview...

Mac Powell (vocals, acoustic guitar)
Mark Lee (guitars)
Tai Anderson (bass)
David Carr (drums, percussion)
Brad Avery (guitars)

March 8, 2006 - Third Day Tour Exceeding Expectations
According to their official web site, Third Day's Wherever You Are Tour is doing much better than originally anticipated by the industry. So far the tour already has 10 sell-outs and more are expected to follow. The Atlanta, GA show sold out in only 40 minutes! Third Day recently received a nomination for Song of the Year for "Cry Out To Jesus," which continues to be a popular song on all formats of Christian radio. The song is currently the longest running number 1 single from Third Day to ever hit AC radio. According to the update, they have sold out key markets such as Fairfax, VA, Louisville, KY, Sacramento, CA, Atlanta, GA and others. Band member Tai Anderson said that "It's so great to be out on the road and see all our amazing fans...I think they're really saying that they want to have an encounter with God. We hope we can continue helping them to do that night after night. That's success." The remaining tour dates can be found on their web site.

- Matt 

Live Wire - Click to view! LIVE WIRE CD/DVD (2004)
Featuring an entire live concert full of new songs from Wire as well as some old favorites, this is another fan treat. But not only do you get a DVD to watch this time, but you also get a CD version of the exact same concert. In stores November 23rd.

Wire - Click to view!
WIRE (2004)
The most uncommon places often serve as the best songwriting locales. Steven Curtis Chapman came up with the chorus to "Heaven in the Real World" in his vegetable garden. Skillet frontman John Cooper penned bits and pieces of "Rippin' Me Off" while at a Marilyn Manson concert. And Third Day wrote the majority of their fifth studio album, Wire, while dangling over the abyss of CCM mediocrity. Read full review...

The Come Together Tour DVD - Click to view!
Capturing the high-powered rock and live energy of Third Day, this DVD memorializes yet another sold-out tour by one of Christian music's forefront rock bands. As this DVD shows, Third Day utilized technology and raw energy as they enlivened their classic hits and newest songs.

Offerings II: All I Have To Give - Click to view!
Third Day is a band I used to have a lot of respect for. Their first Offerings record was a triumph in every form of the word, but I was disappointed when they resorted to the pop-laced Come Together in an attempt to keep their Offerings following. When I heard there would be an Offerings II, my Respect-O-Meter dropped to zero. Why would a highly successful band release an album that made themselves appear like a moneymaking gimmick? Read full review...

The Offerings Experience DVD - Click to view!
For those of you who missed the Offerings tour, this DVD brings these powerful times of worship right into your home. Intense at times and quiet at others, this is truly an experience, and one worth paying for.

Come Together - Click to view!
The members of Third Day are no strangers to the Christian Rock scene. Their high album sales and consistently sold out concerts are more than enough proof of that. Now, with producer Monroe Jones on their side, Third Day manages to barely pull off another chart-topping record, although Come Together isn't exactly up to the standard set by past recordings such as Time and Conspiracy No. 5. Read full review...

Offerings: A Worship Album - Click to view!
Perhaps the two most pondered concerns of Third Day fans are when the band would put out a live album and when a Third Day worship album would be produced. Wait no longer. Offerings, the much-anticipated fourth Third Day album, is the answer to both of these questions. Combining new studio recordings with live cuts of what the band considers to be their greatest worship songs, 3D delivers a powerhouse of praise as an offering to their fans and to their savior, Jesus. Read full review...

Time - Click to view!
TIME (1999)
Even with only two albums to their name, Third Day has become synonymous with Southern-tinted, rock-and-roll delivering bold and proven takes on our faith and God's all-consuming faithfulness. Time finds the five members a much tighter, more defined band, discarding the alternative sound of Conspiracy for a purer rock sound that hints of their debutójust a couple hundred decibels higher. Read full review...

Conspiracy No. 5 - Click to view!
Sporting a much-improved yet still uniquely Southern sound, the talented rock band Third Day presents a different experience than their platinum debut. And while louder in Christian music often means less intelligent, this is an exception. The incredibly cool CD packaging is another big incentive for getting this best-selling release.
Read full review...

Third Day - Click to view!
THIRD DAY (1996)
A mere year separates this band from a decade of stardom. No matter how many times they may sing "I wanna be a rockstar / but I ain't got what it takes" on the album Wire, this band has entered the rock-star section of the Christian rock canon. Yet I don't focus on the modern-day success. When I think of these boys from Georgia, I think of this self-titled debut distributed through a now-defunct Gray Dot Records. Read full review...

The official site of the band has the latest news and info, an e-mail list for the fully informed, and lots and lots more about the band.

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