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Offerings: A Worship Album - Click to view! Perhaps the two most pondered concerns of Third Day fans are when the band would put out a live album and when a Third Day worship album would be produced. Wait no longer. Offerings, the much-anticipated fourth Third Day album, is the answer to both of these questions. Combining new studio recordings with live cuts of what the band considers to be their greatest worship songs, 3D delivers a powerhouse of praise as an offering to their fans and to their savior, Jesus.

"King of Glory," a new Third Day worship song, opens Offerings with the band's motives clear from the very beginning: to lift up the Lord on high as King over all. More new 3D material on the CD includes "These Thousand Hills," written by a fellow Atlanta band, in which Third Day's Georgia-based style is captured perfectly through Mac Powell's gritty, but worshipful, vocals and the acoustic accompaniment of the rest of the group. An upbeat cover of Bob Dylan's "Saved" is also presented on the album with all the enthusiasm of a Sunday morning Gospel choir. The elementary, yet heartfelt lyrics "I'm saved by the blood of the Lamb, and I'm so glad," remind listeners of how it felt to first come to Christ. Another original Third Day worship tune, "You're Everywhere," is a mellow, relaxed song with a mysterious melody. Originally written for Conspiracy No. 5 but not fully completed until now, it is a reminder that nothing we do, say, or even think, escapes our omnipotent, awesome God. "All the Heavens" is the last of the new 3D material with a soothing sound like that of a traditional hymn and lyrics filled with hope: "But you left your throne in the sky, just to live inside my heart."

One of the live cuts on Offerings is track #3, "Your Love, Oh Lord," a worship tune inspired by Psalm 26. It is followed up by "Agnus Dei/Worthy," which was originally a Michael W. Smith worship tune. As the track progresses, it crescendos into a cry of "You are holy," and fades out into the band and crowd beautifully singing and praising God a cappella as the "worthy King of Kings and Lord of Lords." Track #6 is a live version of one of my personal favorite 3D songs, "My Hope is You," stating that our one and only hope is Christ and backing up that statement with pulsating electric guitar and with Powell encouraging the audience to sing along. The next live track is the ever-popular favorite, "Thief." The melancholy tune tells the story of a lowly thief who seems to have only death facing him, until he puts his faith in Jesus and awakens to the paradise awaiting him with his savior. "Consuming Fire" rocks out in the live cut with a new, deep bass solo. Although questionable as a worship song, the band has been amazed over the past five years to see how many fans have exalted God with this raw, pounding hit. And of course, "Love Song," considered by many to be the most forcible Third Day single ever, closes the album gracefully, holding nothing back. The audience sings the whole way through along with the band, and the result is total, uninhibited worship, which makes the live "Love Song" much more than just a recording. It is truly an "offering" to our glorious God.

Offerings stands tall among the most ultimate of worship albums produced this year. It comes from a band whose sole desire has been to bring praise and exaltation to God, and their efforts shine through brilliantly on this live/worship recording. Listeners will be enjoying much more than just a new batch of 3D songs; they will find themselves totally immersed in a praise and worship experience unlike any other, and long before the end of the album they might just find themselves joining it.
- Rick Foux
July 2000

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