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Third Day
[ conspiracy no. 5 ]


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Conspiracy No. 5 - Click to view! Sporting a much-improved yet still uniquely Southern sound, the talented rock band Third Day presents a different experience than their platinum debut. And while louder in Christian music often means less intelligent, Conspiracy No. 5 proves to be an exception to the rule as the driving mix of Brad Avery's guitar grind, hard-hitting vocals a la Mac Powell, David Carr's pounding drum work and others Rock to the informed messages of hope, love and life. However, while intelligent, the songwriting does at time lack originality, depth and focus. While the late Rich Mullins guided the band's self-titled debut, frontman Powell takes the pen for Conspiracy's 13 tracks, while the band worked out the music. "Peace," a poetic remake of the hymn it is well, sets the tone for the project, followed by my personal favorite track "You Make Me Mad," with an irresistible chorus and really modern rock sound. Other highlights include the worship cut "My Hope is In You," the honestly human "This Song Was Meant for You," the #1 rock hit "Alien" and "Who I Am," a declaration of our identity in Christ. Throughout Conspiracy, Powell explores themes of personal worth, surrender, love, sin, and Gods all-powerful mercy. The incredibly cool CD packaging is another big incentive for getting this best-selling release, Conspiracy No. 5.
- Josh M. Shepherd
May 1999
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