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Third Day
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TIME (1999)
Time - Click to view! Even with only two albums to their name, Third Day has become synonymous with Southern-tinted, rock-and-roll delivering bold and proven takes on our faith and God's all-consuming faithfulness. Time finds the five members a much tighter, more defined band, discarding the alternative sound of Conspiracy for a purer rock sound that hints of their debutójust a couple hundred decibels higher. This concept album revolves around making the most of every moment and opportunity, holding onto belief despite the wear of time, and envisioning that eternal length of days when all will be restored and renewed. Acoustic and caring, "I've Always Loved You" was an unlikely choice for opener, and reveals the reconciling power of Christ's love. Grinding Atlanta guitar overlays a look at hardened blindness as a barrier to "Believe," while the similarly-styled "Took My Place" arrives at the Cross as an end to life's helpless search. Recounting the events of, uh, Rack, Shack and Benny, 3D dares the culture to carnal allegiance on them, as their strong melody "Never Bow Down" declares no compromise. Time's sound is a dichotomy of sorts: unapologetically distorted rock on half the songs, and the remaining five a tender acoustic, hearkening back to their debut's "Take My Life." Psalm 36-based "Your Love Oh Lord" is destined for inclusion in youth worship services universally. Evidencing three-dimensional perspective, track seven presents a conflicting dialogue intricately weaving the album's theme with a knowing glance at pain and depression. Tying a hymn-like hammond-b3 progression with a jazz-inclusive fuzz rock, "What Good?" sees vast wealth as nothing compared to our King's riches. Keenly attuned to the feel of their songs' raw emotion - from subdued hush to screaming frenzy - captures the blazing heart of love God pursues us with. "Can't Take the Pain" is a heart-rending journey from the heavy weight of shame, to a humble acceptance of the Lord's redeeming sacrifice. Easily-accessible "Sky Falls Down" hails Christ's return with joy, while the world around is in chaos; Seeing love as our only need, and God's only gift, "Give" is a profound chorus etched into memory through a disc-closing eight minutes of music. Maturing in their rock focus, furthering their powerful stand for Christ and soaking in a whirlpool of concert-like energy, 3D rises above and beyond their other efforts.
- Josh M. Shepherd
September 1999
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