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Paul Meany (rhodes, bass, vocals)
Darren King (drums, samples, programming)
Greg Hill (guitars)

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Reset EP - Click to view! RESET EP (2004)
There's been a lot of hype generated in the Christian music industry with the arrival of Mute Math. Some could say it's due to the band's past; Paul Meany and Darren King were members of the short-lived electrical rock band Earthsuit, which brought added diversity to the already eclectic "genre." When the band disbanded, Meany had to rethink his concept of music and experience a degree of healing in order for music to re-enter the picture. But when the time came, he generated melodies simply for therapeutic and emotional pleasure. Such tunes developed into the Reset EP, Mute Math's first nationwide release. Read full review...

A nice site, this band has samples, fun looks, and lots of information.

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