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The Collection - Click to view! THE COLLECTION (2003)
Six years ago, "Romans," a simple look at Christ's death on the cross and how it changed all of our lives, hit Christian radio. It was sung by a woman with a raspy, yet beautiful, southern flair, accompanied by excitable strumming and fiddles blazing. For many of us this was the first time Jennifer Knapp came into our lives, and since then we've been treated to enriching, rootsy music with leagues of personal depth. Read full review...

The Way I Am - Click to view!
THE WAY I AM (2001)
Jennifer Knapp is the undisputed queen of Christian rock, a fact which is proven once again with her latest album The Way I Am. In it Ms. Knapp serves up delicious songs that range from quiet to moody, soft to violent. Never one to settle for token hooks, she expresses herself freely in her lyrics which portray a woman who is strong but also one to whom insecurity is no stranger. Read full review...

Lay It Down - Click to view!
LAY IT DOWN (2000)
No one expected the manner in which the Christian music industry would enthusiastically receive such a new comer, but Jennifer has managed to be no stranger to the spot light, receiving national acclaim and numerous awards, and landing a spot on the Lillith Fair Tour. The depth of work is what every songwriter strives for, yet she seems to pull it off effortlessly. Read full review...

Kansas - Click to view!
KANSAS (1998)
Jennifer Knapp starts off her first CD with her a cappella "Faithful to Me," which conveys so much truth through her beautiful voice and honest lyrics: "Through another day, another trial, another chance to reconcile ~ To One Who sees past all I see ~ Reaching out my weary hand, I pray that You'd understand ~ You're the only One Who's faithful to me." Read full review...

This is the official home of Jennifer on the Web. This carries some news, audio/video, a merchandise store, and lots more fun.

The site was not updated for a couple years and has now been replaced with a "coming soon" page and some lurkers on a forum.

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