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Jason Roy (vocals, guitar)
Scotty Beshears (bass)
Paul Bowden (guitar)
Michael Anderson (drums)

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Space In Between Us - Click to view! SPACE IN BETWEEN US (2004)
Right around the time last year that Building 429 was releasing its full-length debut, Space in Between Us, I was busy reviewing its predecessor, the Glory Defined EP. Since I wasn't overwhelmed with what I heard on the shorter version, I didn't hold out much hope for the full-length release. Now that I've taken some time to savor the flavor of this disc, though, I can honestly say... that I haven't been disappointed. Read full review...

Glory Defined - Click to view!
It takes a different mind-set to make your first exposure to the world something other than expected. Lucky for the members of Building 429, then, that they have such a mind-set. I mean, any old band can release a full-length album and hope it flies. But it takes guts to put out an EP first. Only five songs! (Well, six if you count an alternate version of the title track, "Glory Defined.") Read full review...

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