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By the time you read this, it will have been at least 12 months since Jeremy Camp released his debut project, Stay. During that time, he has been home for all of two weeks, has gotten engaged, has recorded his second offering, a worship album due in February, and has begun writing for a third. This whirlwind is the life of a devout, ministry-minded artist who got into music by accident and has been running with it ever since. So how is Jeremy Camp feeling about being Jeremy Camp? Read full article...

Restored - Click to view! RESTORED (2004)
Coming November 16th, this is the second rock album from worship-rocker Jeremy Camp.

Carried Me: The Worship Project - Click to view!
The concept of God carrying us through trying seasons has inspired many artists to craft paintings, write poems, choreograph dances, and record songs. The irony is that the deeper the valley, the more genuine and beautiful the artistic expression that results from the journey. The past tense of Carried Me signifies a time of reflecting on past problems, but Jeremy Camp's songs also speak to present battles and battles yet to come. Read full review...

Stay - Click to view!
STAY (2002)
It's not easy to admit, but the world is going pop. The promise of radio success is now contingent on a singsong chorus that forces a rock band to pick up a certain "edge." Whether it's smooth R&B vocals like Wave or nu-metal music that would depress even Eddie Vedder, everyone needs an edge, leaving fewer and fewer hard rockers out there. Can rock and roll survive? Jeremy Camp would say yes. Read full review...

Jeremy's flash site has the latest info plus a spiffy design and info on all his releases.

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