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Jonsi Birgisson (vocals, guitars)
Kjartan Sveinsson (keyboards)
Orri Pall Dyrason (drums)
Georg Holm (bass)

Vaka EP - Click to view! VAKA EP (2003)
A CD/DVD single, Vaka features the first track from ( ) and three b-sides as well as all of their music videos to date. Be warned: though their music videos are well produced, they are not for family viewing.

( ) - Click to view!
( ) (2002)
"Why do you listen to this stuff" My sister asked me one day as we were driving to the movies. A band called Sigur Ros was the "stuff" in question. "Stuff?" I asked. "Yeah, this is so depressing. You close your eyes and you see women wearing long black robes and too much eye makeup swaying like they are ill. It's extremely depressing." "It's not depressing. You aren't supposed to close your eyes. You look at what is in front of you. The music makes the average everyday things become beautiful. So beautiful it's painful. But that isn't disgusting." Read full review...

Agaetis Byrjun - Click to view!
The latest musical export from Iceland, Sigur Ros follows in a grand tradition and keeps the spirit alive with their amazing major label debut. A more conventional album than ( ), Agaetis Byrjun has definite songs, but they are much longer and drawn out than typical radio fare. If you like music that has structured spontaneity, you will love this album.

A rather cryptic flash site with good info about the band, with lyrics, music videos, etc.

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