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Nathan Barlowe (lead vocals, guitar)
Cary Barlowe (guitar, vocals)
Aaron Jenkins (bass, vocals)
Chris Coleman (drums)

Wasting Away EP - Click to view! WASTING AWAY EP (2004)
Yet again we have four songs to bring fans up to speed with what Luna Halo has been doing the past couple years. This disc showcases their new, improved sound and serves as a preview of their upcoming full-length album.

New Drug EP - Click to view!
NEW DRUG EP (2003)
They have toured a lot in Europe in the past couple years, and so an EP for the European audience is no surprise. This features a roughly produced collection of four new songs.

Luna Halo EP - Click to view!
A four song EP meant to tide fans over until the band can release another full-length album, Luna Halo introduces fans to the post-Sparrow Records future that new members, new vision, and new times have brought.

Shimmer - Click to view!
SHIMMER (2000)
Equation: two guitarists of the now-defunct Reality Check plus two of their friends to fill the vacant rhythm section equals an outfit that makes a nice debut, but are obviously music freshman, right? Wrong—with Luna Halo, the whole is greater than the sum of all its parts, and Shimmer works as both a pop, rock, and worship album. Read full review...

Their official site has great info on the band, tour dates, and lots of other info.

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