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[Simon voice] It's tough being a critic. After listening to so much musical garbage, you begin to develop the mindset that the world is positively incapable of producing good music anymore. You then accept this fact and turn your energies from trying to find a good artist to creatively roasting all the bad ones. Oh, what a deliciously evil joy to find a new and vulnerable victim! Once in a very great while though, a being comes along that knocks you right on your fanny. Hark! Good music can be created in modern days! Your worldview is shattered, you cry, repent, sing whatever praise song is popular at the moment, hail the newbie as a saint, and start the cycle over again. [/Simon voice] Read full feature...

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The Overflow - Click to view! THE OVERFLOW (2004)
"1, 2, 3... Ah, won't you come and follow me? Hey won't you come and get yourself free?" That, my friends, is the hook from Taylor Sorensen's first single "Follow Me." It's a catchy tune with a 1950's feel to it that causes you to be-bop a little, even on the 400th listen. It does what a good single is supposed to do: you want more, and more, and then a little more after that. Read full review...

The Fill - Click to view!
THE FILL EP (2003)
When I first heard about Taylor, I automatically assumed he was going to rock. For crying out loud, the guy's name is the same as a well-known guitar company: you know he's got to have major skill pulsing through his veins. Therefore, when a copy of his The Fill EP trickled into my hands, I immediately jammed it into my CD player hoping for the best. And the best I received. Read full review...

Capturing the look and feel of Taylor Sorensen, the official website has all the pertinent info for a newcomer or fan.

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