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TAYLOR Sorensen
[ the overflow ]


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The Overflow - Click to view! "1, 2, 3... Ah, won't you come and follow me? Hey won't you come and get yourself free?" That, my friends, is the hook from Taylor Sorensen's first single "Follow Me." It's a catchy tune with a 1950's feel to it that causes you to be-bop a little, even on the 400th listen. It does what a good single is supposed to do: you want more, and more, and then a little more after that. In other words, it makes you want to buy the album. Those who heed the call of "Follow Me" (both lyrically and single-y) will not be disappointed.

Four of the songs on The Overflow ("Love Somebody Else," "Follow Me," "Red Fone," and "Sanctuary") were released previously on 2002's The Fill EP. For a review of that project, go here. Let's see… 11-4=7 original songs. While the truly glowing tracks are contained in this quartet, there are a few gems that were held back for the LP. "Fly Away" is a laidback guitar tune perfectly suited for a movie soundtrack (perhaps a driving scene with lots of tree-cast shadows), "Red Fone" is super-Bono-esque, and "World Keeps on Spinning" sounds like an excerpt from the Sixpence catalogue. In fact, wait a minute! Is that...? It is! Leigh Nash singing background on that tune (bandmate Matt Slocum was an executive producer of The Overflow, and did some instrumentation on the album as well). Another name-sighting: Tree63's John Ellis provides some guitar licks on "Gloria 34" and "Sanctuary." That's quite a group to be backing up a newbie.

Sandwiched between the contributions of these artists lies the heart of Taylor. Sung with a silken voice, the lyrics are simple but comforting. "What Love Is" addresses neglect: "Does your mother know your name? / Was your father ever there? / But you still know what love is. / You still know how to give." "Upside" speaks of a relationship: "Well I hurt your heart with my mouth like that / You know I hate it baby / When I love so bad / But it's your love that loves me at my worst."

King David's Psalms take a big part in "Gloria 34" and "Sing (Or the Rocks Will Get To)." I wonder who collects David's part of the royalty check?

"I'm gonna show you what I'm talking about, I'm gonna light the shadows of doubt. Oh, now baby won't you see? Love will set you free, so won't you come and follow me?" For a first record, The Overflow is incredibly solid. Good sound, good label, good vocal, good band, good lyrics, good vibe. Good, good, good. Lead on Taylor, we will follow.
- Mel Miles
March 2004
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