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How do you describe a band no-one's ever heard of? With delirious? I usually refer to them as "the best band you've never heard of" but, thanks to those excitable Texans running QUORUM and cMusicWeb.com [editor's note: Dan lives in Minnesota], you may have heard of delirious?. And if you have, then I can safely say that Tree is the best band you've never heard of. More on Tree63's early years...

John Ellis (vocals, guitar)
Martin Engel (bass)
Darryl Swart (drums)

February 27, 2006 - Tree63 member cracks on modern worship
Although his biggest hit is a modern worship song, John Ellis of rock group Tree63 is fed up with the genre.

"I absolutely believe that the modern phenomenon of 'modern worship' dampens creativity amongst music-making Christians," Ellis says in a provocative interview published on ChristianMusicToday.com. "Congregational worship music is an exact science," he says, "and only a few people are very good at it—and I don't believe I'm one of them."

Ellis said earlier in the interview that his band's cover of Matt Redman's "Blessed Be Your Name" was a "record-company decision, not ours." He went on to praise Redman as a long-time "friend and mentor" but added, "Tree63 just isn't a cover band. If our biggest hit to date is somebody else's song, then we still have work to do."

The commercialization of modern worship has led to a glut of participants, Ellis said later. "Modern worship has become a unit-shifting genre of contemporary Christian music, and now everyone's in on it. As a result, that worship music becomes diluted….The songs become insipid and lame, and hey, is Jesus really honored by that song after all? It's like Bono said at the Grammys one year: God sometimes responds, 'No, please don't thank me for that song, I had nothing to do with it, and it wasn't written for me!'"

Read the full interview here and discuss it on our message boards

- Ben 

The Answer To The Question - Click to view! THE ANSWER TO THE QUESTION EXPANDED EDITION (2005)
Ten tracks is always a bare minimum on an album. But re-releasing an album just for a track more? Apparently Tree63's label needed another sure-fire hit and added to the album along with a couple acoustic versions of other songs. If you alreay don't have The Answer to the Question and like Tree63, it's probably worth getting it.

The Answer To The Question - Click to view!
More worship-oriented than previous albums, these rockers even deliver a cover of Matt Redman's "Blessed Be Your Name".
The Life and Times of Absolute Truth - Click to view! THE LIFE AND TIMES OF ABSOLUTE TRUTH (2002)
Remember the last Tree63 album? It released in ’99 and held some amazing songs underneath a muted package of timid blues and greens. The passing of three years brings us to today, and the release of The Life and Times of Absolute Truth. This time the "t" in Tree63 is now crossed with a lightning bolt, and there are pictures, pictures everywhere. Tree63 got bold. The music? Well hang on to somethin’ kid, ‘cause you’re goin’ for a ride… Read full review...

Tree63 - Click to view!
TREE63 (2000)
Y2K has come and gone. So far, this millennium in CCM has meant only a harder challenge for debut artists to be heard, compounded by a marketplace of imitators, and media outlets who reward looks rather than literacy. But Tree63 should have broken through. Originally just Tree, the South African trio came complete with a reference from delirious?, two high-powered, much-praised records, and a zealous fanbase scattered around the globe. Read full review...

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