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The Life and Times of Absolute Truth - Click to view! Remember the last Tree63 album? It released in ’99 and held some amazing songs underneath a muted package of timid blues and greens. There were only two small pictures of the band. It was like they scared of seeming bold. The passing of three years brings us to today, and the release of The Life and Times of Absolute Truth. This time the colors are bright red and white, the "t" in Tree63 is now crossed with a lightning bolt, and there are pictures, pictures everywhere. Tree63 got bold. The music? Well hang on to somethin’ kid, ‘cause you’re goin’ for a ride…

“Glorious Ones” blasts this album wide open. Lead singer/songwriter John Ellis reminds us of our worth not as mere people, but as the Children of a Lord who delights Himself in us. It is in this first song that we see the infectious joy that flows all over this album like Hershey’s syrup on Dutch chocolate ice cream. A desire to share this worth with those who are lost is visible in “All Hands” and “Anxious Seat.” The first is a jiving invitation to come to Christ- “All hands up. Who has had enough? Come on, make your mind up. All hands, all hands up.” “Anxious Seat” is a funky tune about an unsaved girl. John sings to her, offering a peace for her anxiousness. “Everything could turn around tonight. Baby let me turn on the light. You will see for miles and miles it’s alright, alright.”

Those who fell in love with Tree63 for their beautiful and fun worship songs will not be disappointed with this album. Songs of love to God are rampant. “All Because,” “Be All, End All,” “Surprise Surprise” and “How Did I Sleep” are gorgeous songs of dependence on a Savior. Praise is the highest form of music; a fact that John Ellis knows well. His utmost love for the Father seeps through the simple, sincere words to touch the heart of the listener. If his songs can move the heart of this hard human, what must it sound like to God?

The production at the hands of Ellis and Nik Fairclough is great. They sprinkled fun little quirks throughout the album, so every time you listen to it you hear something new and interesting. Of all the albums that the Christian music industry has put out this year, The Life and Times of Absolute Truth tops the charts. So what is the "absolute truth?" Christ is the way to much needed salvation, and the journey is full of joy when all sights are set on the Lord. Come join some fellow travelers in The Life and Times of Absolute Truth. You need it.
- Melissa Miles
October 2002
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