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TREE63 (2000)
Tree63 - Click to view! Y2K has come and gone. So far, this millennium in CCM has meant only a harder challenge for debut artists to be heard, compounded by a marketplace of imitators, and media outlets who reward looks rather than literacy. But Tree63 should have broken through. Originally just Tree, the South African trio came complete with a reference from delirious?, two high-powered, much-praised records, and a zealous fanbase scattered around the globe. After the ink dried on an InPop Records contract, word came that 63, their soul-stirring collection of fourteen songs, would be reissued as a Tree63 debut. But, no. It released--as a merely seven-track album with three new recordings (quite good, admittedly, but so are 63's seven excluded cuts). Perfected with spasms of guitar and a gusty chorus, "Treasure" quakes at the Invisible, Intimate One who is life's totality. Hit by rays of light from further up than our sun, lead singer John Ellis exhibits "Joy" in Tree63's most well-known song. A blatant yet submissive outcry, "Look What You've Done" shows a key to the Christian walk: readiness to serve. Applying Biblical imagery of a blood-stained priest and an innocent "Sacrifice," track four walks from Exodus to John awed at the Father's fulfillment of Old Testament law. The title of "Earnestly" says it all--a succinct plea for more of all God has, melodically brought with a resolute chord progression. "I am always in Your heart," is repeated as an "Anthem" in the sixth cut, contrasting whispery and wild sounds for a song that should see play at worship events worldwide. This far into the CD, the deep-seated artistry of the musicians must be noted; guitar and vocals come sentiently from John Ellis, while Darryl Swart's drums/percussion build a compact foundation, and bass licks by Martin Engel are adequately flexible. "A Million Lights" fools listeners initially with an adolescent pickup line ("Can we hang out tonight?"), eventually demonstrating what a timeless, spiritual, God/man relationship looks like ("Yours is the only throne I'll ever get down on my knees before"). "1*0*1" is tenacious in sound, unmovable in declaration, and brazen in devotion; truly radiant with quick-fire wording like "scars into medals...tears into wine." Both final tracks talk of simple themes in a complicated manner, with "Worldwide" comparing salvation to satellite communication ("chatline no matter where you are"). Tree63 will gratify and even surprise whoever picks it up. But more would have if only the original fourteen tracks were left intact...
- Josh M. Shepherd
January 2001
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