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cMusicWeb.com: What excites you about your career now that you have been around for so long?
Stu G: I think one of the things is that we are still able to do what we do. A lot of bands cannot sustain a long career. We have been going on for about twelve years now all together. And so what is great is that we are able to still be coming out. We don't feel like our job is finished by any means. We feel like there is a lot of music in us and there is a real purpose at the moment to what we are doing. It feels like God is opening up doors for us and we are still writing songs. We are working on a new album now. And it is just very exciting. We feel that we are on the cutting edge of who we are as people and who we are as a band. Read full interview...

Martin Smith (vocals and guitars)
Stuart Garrard (electric and acoustic guitars, vocals, "Acid Pro" audio editing)
Tim Jupp (keyboards and additional programming)
Jon Thatcher (bass guitars)
Stewart Smith (drums, percussion, and backing vocals)

December 15, 2005 - Christian musicians respond to The Mission Bell
Well, we told about Q magazine's backhanded compliment to our friends in Delirious?. It's only fair to tell you how the Christian community has been responding to their upcoming offering, The Mission Bell.

A story posted on the Christian music news site CM Spin contains plaudits from Michael W. Smith, Toby Mac, Bart Millard of MercyMe, pastor Greg Laurie, and others. Said Millard, "Delirious? is one of the most important bands in the past 10 -15 years, not to mention my all-time favorite band. They have worn their passionate love for Christ on their sleeves while making some of the most creative music of any genre. When I grow up...I want to be just like Delirious?”

In related news, cMusicWeb Webmaster and Manager Dan Ficker just found out he has the same favorite band as Bart from MercyMe and has lost the will to live.
- Ben 

December 8, 2005 - New Delirous? album draws praise from Q mag; God...not so much
Q magazine, which calls itself "the UK's best-selling serious music publication," poses interesting thoughts on The Mission Bell, the latest album from Christian uber-band and progenitors of the now-passed worship music phase Delirious?.

The January 2006 edition of the magazine contains a review of the album, which hits stores two days after Christmas in the U.S. but was released last month in Britain. The review alludes to the band's success in the Christian sphere but lack of impact in the mainstream, concluding that "the quintet have seemingly given up on non -believers and settled to preaching to the converted."

Q calls The Mission Bell "their most overtly religious offering yet," but presents this as an impediment to their success, ending its blurb by saying, "without God they could be massive."

You can read the full review here and preview four songs from the album at d:'s MySpace page.

Hit us with what you think of the songs on our message boards and let us know whether you think the band should be reaching to a wider audience with its latest offering.
- Ben 


Because delirious? has two different markets, the US and the UK, both are represented and are available for purchase here.

World Service - Click to view!
 (2003) WORLD SERVICE (2004) 
World Service - Click to view!
When you have an album from a band like Delirious?, you have to set the standard at an incredible height. Cutting Edge, King of Fools and Glo continue to be the benchmark for many Christian albums years after their respective releases. Even 2001's experimental Audio Lessonover? had fantastic properties. Read full review...

Archive:d - Click to view!
 (2003) ARCHIVE:D (N/A) 
The first D:VD ever is jam-packed with material that will keep any remotely-crazed d:fan occupied for hours. Music videos, documentary pieces (from previous VHS releases A View From the Terraces and Pro-mode), and other fascinating extras.

Access:d - Click to view!
 (2002) ACCESS:D (2003) 
Access:d - Click to view!
Delirious? has long been the heavyweight champion of rock, let alone rock with a spiritual theme. In my opinion they're the only band that holds a chance of meeting the level of U2. The music industry as a whole would be at an extreme loss if these five English boys had never decided to invest years into making songs. Read full review...

 (N/A) TOUCH (2002) 
Touch - Click to view!
The American cousin of Audio Lessonover?, Touch is a vastly redefined package meant to appeal more to the American market. Less songs from AL?, a new title track, several live tracks, and enhanced CD-ROM videos create a whole new experience for American d:fans. Read full review...
Deeper - Click to view!  (2002) DEEPER (2001)  Deeper - Click to view!
It is difficult to describe Deeper. Is it a “best-of” compilation or an “early years” disc? A worship album or funky pop/rock? As usual, the d:boys just can’t be pinned down. Deeper is all of these things and yet, at the same time, none of them.
Read full review...

Audio Lessonover? - Click to view!
Music redefined? Whoever heard of such nonsense? Surely it couldn't have happened... Oh, but it has. Ever since Brit-boys Delirious? arrived on the scene they've managed to criss-cross the worship and rock genres unlike any Christian artists before them. Read full review...

Glo - Click to view!
 (2000) GLO (2000) 
Glo - Click to view!
Back when Martin Smith was scared of crowds, before Stu G. groupies hounded them, and "delirious" was another term for being intoxicated, a few British guys made a decision: they'd rock hard in leading worship, but a flashy show wouldn't ever replace the presence of God. Read full review...
more in the GLO feature...

Mezzamorphis - Click to view!
 (1999) MEZZAMORPHIS (1999) 
Mezzamorphis - Click to view!
delirious? is back, and they have changed. The title, Mezzamorphis, comes from two songs about this change, "Metamorphis" and the first track, "Mezzanine Floor". delirious?, in the midst of their change, are creating better music than ever, and hoping to bring their audience to Christ through the music. Read full review...

Mezzamorphis - Click to view!
 (1998) D:TOUR 1997 LIVE (N/A) 
Capturing the glory years of d:touring, d:tour 1997 Live displays the raw passion and grit that Delirious? brought to the stage while supporting King of Fools.

King of Fools - Click to view!
 (1997) KING OF FOOLS (1998) 
King of Fools - Click to view!
It was the album that broke Delirious? big into North America. King of Fools housed the radio gem "Deeper," which exploded on radio and displayed to fans across the country that Britain wasn't empty of good Christian music. Though Delirious? would go on to have much more success in North America, it is this album that displays their magic and their feel for anthemic melodies.

Live and In the Can - Click to view!
 (1996) LIVE AND IN THE CAN (1998) 
Live and in the Can - Click to view!
After the intimate worship of Cutting Edge and the British rock of King of Fools, what to expect on a live deliriou5? album? Anyone who's seen them live knows what to expect: The Unexpected. Read full review...

Cutting Edge 1 & 2, 3 &4 - Click to view!
 (1993-5) CUTTING EDGE (1998) 
Cutting Edge - Click to view!
Youth For the Nations. Aldersgate. Brownsville Revival. Rock the Nations. The Almighty, Living GOD of the universe is pouring down revival that is changing lives. And a big tool He is using is the anointed songs of worship and adoration by songwriter Martin Smith, lead vocalist for the British band Delirious? Their four demos recorded from 92-95, have just been remastered on this double CD set, a landmark recording. Read full review...

The official site of the band has the latest news and info, some music videos to watch, and almost daily updates from the band when on tour.

Now the only major unofficial site, Dave Wood has a comprehensive site with detailed information on all their albums, singles, songs, interviews, and many more extras.

The d-fans on Yahoo!Groups
Only for the fan who is willing to forfeit their e-mail address, this list is for discussion of all things delirious?, from the latest rumors to the boys' hairstyles to the old days.

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