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glo - delirious?
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glo, the info
Glo - Click to pre-order!RELEASE DATES
United Kingdom: July 29th
United States: October 10th

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1. God You Are My God
2. Glo in the Dark pt. 1
3. God's Romance
4. Investigate
5. Glo in the Dark pt. 2
6. What Would I Have Done
7. My Glorious
8. Everything
9. Hang On To You
10. Intimate Stranger
11. Awaken The Dawn
12. Glo in the Dark pt. 3
13. The Years Go By
14. Jesus' Blood
15. Glo in the Dark pt. 4

glo, the news
Just miles from the set of CBS' Big Brother, the d:boys were under equal camera scrutiny shooting the first Glo video, for the single "Everything." Directed by longtime "lights and mirrors" man Andy Hutch, the visual masterpiece is a barrage of rain, fire, and d: passion. It can be viewed in streaming Real video here, or can be sampled in QuickTime format here. Fans report that you will soon be able to purchase it as part of the video compilation WoW 2001, releasing October 31.

The first couple of delirious?, Martin and Anna Smith, are proud to announce the birth of their third child, Indi-anna Faithful Smith born on September 9; the official site reports: "Mother and daughter are doing well and Dad is over the moon."

With Sparrow saying it "follows the path of 'Did You Feel?,'" U.S. fans wonder: how much like Cutting Edge is Glo? Well, one parallel between the two is the inclusion of female vocalists. The first five songs of Cutting Edge (released originally as CE 1) feature Vanessa Gibbs and Helen Burgess, adding a touch of soul to the largely British sound of d:. On Glo's first song, Sharlene Hector does a gospel improv part, while Martin's wife Anna does spoken-word lines "We're going to the house of God" and others.

The band thanked all fans part of the "fantastic" Summer 2000 Tour. By a rough count, 82,000 Americans heard them during their stay in the States, where they covered 4648 miles. Most shows were relatively the same, with them wearing outrageous suits ("orange karate, bright green sequined, and a white and red outfit that a Hawaiian waiter would be proud of," according to their report), Martin surfing into the crowd on "Follow," and an all-around monster set of songs. Our exclusive review of the Dallas concert has been posted recently, and the official delirious? site has had many recent reports of their tour experiences.

glo, the album
Musically, Glo takes what was great from all of d:'s previous releases - CE's simplicity for easy church application, KoF's diversity for interest, and Mezza's hugely innovative experimentalism - and adds a touch of the eclectic (monks, bagpipe solos, choirs, crowds, string codas, spontaneous sections) to form a largely different delirious? sound. Read full article...

Bearing in mind that delirious? have consistently stated that their vision is to see the music on the streets, even as early as the Cutting Edge days when they sang "Open up the doors and let the music play" over six years ago. With this in mind - and the critical success of their mainstream masterpiece Mezzamorphis - it seems bizarre that delirious? should choose to record a "Christian" album. Read full article...

Here's our brief look at this new album:
Dan Ficker: "This is going to be a good album to catch up on what d: have done for the last 5 years in worship with new and old tracks."
Josh Shepherd: "Having heard "My Glorious" now, Glo is clearly not the lame, churchy effort that some think it will be. delirious? have crafted an immersing experience that could be the cd that spells "success" for them in the Christian market. Once they have that solid base behind them, we can expect them to confidently return to a general-market rock stance."

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glo, the reviews
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