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MOST SPUN 2005Most Spun 2005
The best of the year? What, you think we're the critics? No, if we were critics, we'd have a serious-looking banner, not a look that reminds you of That '70s Show. Instead of the best, we give you what's in our CD player, old or new.

The MyriadThe Myriad And Why Not To Trust A Ladder
If you have not heard of this band, read this interview. The Myriad is one of the best releases of 2005 and this band is going places fast. We talk to them not so much about their new CD as their philosophies on music and God.

Day of FireDay of Fire: An Interview With Josh Brown
No doubt you've heard about the dramatic conversion of Day of Fire's Josh Brown. But do you want to hear more about it? We go in-depth with Josh Brown about life on the road, what music he's enjoying, and his experience at his first Christian concert.

smalltown poets: interview with michael johnstonSmalltown Poets: Interview with Michael Johnston
Earlier this year, the Smalltown Poets returned with It's Later Than It's Ever Been. Find out about their new sound, what they were up to for the last couple years, and why they should be called the Urban Poets these days.

BarlowGirlBarlowGirl Interview
The breakout hit for Superchic[k] is named after them, and five years after the song's release, the band has become a recognizable name in Chrisitan music. So what makes BarlowGirl tick? What is their new album about?

Coming later this month is A Collision, the third album from the amazing worship-rock band. We talk with David Crowder about the new album, his rather unique following, and his Dr. Pepper ranch.

recent features
a traveler's guide to GMA WEEKA Traveler's Guide to GMA Week
What is GMA Week? Was Switchfoot there this year? Who was the best-dressed at the GMA Music Awards? Find these and answers to many other questions in this feature. Plus, learn industry lingo so you can be a part of the in-crowd!

As we talk about in this interview, we don't know what to call Mat Kearney's music. It's more than singer-songwriter, hip-hop, or spoken word. Just read the interview and give Bullet a listen. Read on for one of the most insightful reviews we've ever done.

The Art of BeingThe Art of Being
A number of today's most prolific artists, from Tammy Trent to Waterdeep to The Rock 'n' Roll Worship Circus offer their thoughts on finding our role in God's kingdom. Read on for our full review of this inspiring book on being who God has called us.

THE SWIFTThe Swift: The Interview
Piano-based rock is a great contrast to the dominant force of guitars. Similar to the sound of Ben Folds, The Swift are the only piano-rock band in Christian music. We talk about how they are different, worship music, and what thieir name means.

delirious?: now is the timedelirious?: Now Is The Time
cMusicWeb.com has been in existence for somewhere around eight years, but we've never interviewed our favorite band, delirious?. Five years after our first attempt to schedule an interview, we get to talk with them about their latest music.

PAUL WRIGHTPaul Wright (Flip-Flops Not Included)
It was a cold winter day in Pennsylvania, but Paul Wright was still talking of the sounds of summer. Bringing a fusion of hip-hop, pop, and acoustic singer-songwriter music to the table, Mr. Wright tells us about his upcoming album.

FREEDOM REIGNSFreedom Reigns: Macho
Macho does not hate the industry. He just needs to get a couple of things off his chest. This member of New Breed and the Tunnel Rats crew delivers a new, independent EP and we talk about its honest, up-front content.

The biggest night in Christian music is coming up in just over a week, so we look at who we voted for and who will probably win. Only time will tell how close we are, but this year we'll remember not to pout about it.

Superchick Exclusive InterviewSuperchick: An Interview with Matt and Tricia
This month Superchick is looking forward to their first full-length album in over two years. We talk to Matt and Tricia about the songs on Beauty From Pain, the life as a touring band, and what has been inspiring them personally.

Most Spun 2004: It's revolution, baby.Most Spun 2004
As 2004 comes to a close, we need to recap the year. But instead of detailing the best discs of 2004, we run through what we listened to most this year. We also invite some artists and industry insiders to join us. This week features the king of holy hip hop, Plastic.

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