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DOVE IMPROVEMENT: our advice to the GMA
[ our look at christian music's dove awards ]


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GMA Awards Logo - Click For GMA Awards SiteApril 28, 2004, marks the 35th Annual Dove Awards in Nashville, Tennessee. The Gospel Music Association (GMA), which produces the Dove Awards each year at this time, is celebrating its 40th year. Many changes have occurred in Gospel music in the years since the GMA was founded; the evolution of Gospel music is also reflected in the Dove Awards. For instance, in 1969, the awards consisted of 10 categories, while this year the number is up to 44. The expansion of musical styles and the arrival of music videos are two shifts that play a large part in this increase.

Dove Award nominations for this year go to recordings released between November 1, 2002 through October 31, 2003 and voted on by the 4,500 member Gospel Music Association.

As with most national award ceremonies, if you follow the Dove Awards each year, you are bound to have some disappointments. Perhaps your favorite artist did not receive a nomination. Perhaps you wonder how a band you have never heard of made it into the list of nominees. While "Readers Choice" awards found in many publications and websites attempt to replace the Doves, we all know that the Dove Awards are here to stay.

So rather than complain, we offer suggestions. Read on to experience the thoughts and ideas that our staff believe could help the Dove Awards to be more effective for the average music fan.
- Kim Flanders
April 2004

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