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DOVE IMPROVEMENT: our advice to the GMA
[ fly, fly away ]


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Since watching my first Dove Awards broadcast several years ago, I've made a few observations that would take pages to develop. For your sake, I will briefly touch on three.

First of all, I would like to advise the scriptwriters to throw out the corny joke section before each distribution of the metal bird figurines. The jokes are not funny, they do not make me laugh, and they take time from the artists' acceptance speeches (the only reason I watch the show).

Second, I would suggest a permanent retirement of Michael W. Smith and Steven Curtis Chapman so they may no longer win Male Vocalist of the Year. Make a Dove Award Hall of Fame and place large posters of their grinning faces on the outside of the building. But please, let's give some recognition to newer talent.

And lastly, if bands or solo artists are out there purposely pushing themselves to receive notoriety as a source for entertainment, then they should be a nominee for a Dove Award. But if a band or solo artist prefers to be called a ministry, should they be given awards? I don't see recognition of this sort handed out for the best sermon, or the best evangelistic presentation. If musicians feel they are ministers of the gospel, does the concept of an award system defeat the whole purpose? Of course, what person doesn't like receiving recognition for their talent? It seems to be a thin line for me, but I still wonder.

Don't misunderstand me; the Dove Awards are a good idea. It just seems to run by how many CDs have been sold rather than by how many lives have been touched by the people making the music.
- Hollie Stewart
April 2004

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