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The Abbey Road Sessions - Click to view! THE ABBEY ROAD SESSIONS/THE WALK (2005)
In 1997 Steven Curtis Chapman ventured across the pond to the famed Abbey Road Studios to record a couple new versions of songs for his Greatest Hits Vol. 1 album. This EP features the two amazing tracks that were on the hits album plus a couple more favorties from Steven's early career. Also packaged with this release is a DVD of The Walk, an hour-long documentary on Steven's early career that was previously only on VHS.

All Things New - Click to view!
It has often been said that life imitates art. For many songwriters and musicians, this is particularly true with regard to inspiration, where the early years of their trade, much like childhood, hold a sort of intrinsic wonder and excitement by virtue of the fact that most things are being seen and done for the first time. As the years go by and the novelty begins to wear off, though, many artists experience a corresponding decline in the passion and drive that first led them to create. Read full review...

Live DVD - Click to view!
LIVE DVD (2003)
Not much to say here yet... it's just a DVD of a live concert. One of these days, though, we may have a review to cover it in-depth.

All About Love - Click to view!
Ah, Valentine's Day. That special day of the year to celebrate love. The day that couples frolic about holding hands, giving cheap flowers to each other, gorging themselves on chocolate, and doing just about every nauseating "lovey-dovey" thing couples can do. The day that the rest of us bitter, single people throw darts at pictures of our ex's and secretly pray that we find a valentine from some secret admirer in our mailboxes. Yet, as bitter and single as we are, God commands us to love whether we want to or not. Read full review...

The Videos - Click to view!
All of SCC's short form music videos on one disc. Plus some extras including SCC's commentary track for each video.

Declaration - Click to view!
Imagine this...After 14 years in the Christian music industry, Steven Curtis Chapman is still going strong. Now picture this...His vast number of awards, honors, and #1 hits have made him practically a household name. The multi-talented guitarist and songwriter has crafted another stroke of genius with Declaration. Although not superior to its predecessor, Declaration shares the music of Steven Curtis Chapman more personally than before. Read full review...

Speechless - Click to view!
[ SPEECHLESS ] (1999)
The humble, never-failing chart-topper and musical mentor Steven Curtis Chapman reexamines his faith and focus for a 13-track journey that has an audio environment all its own. Disruptive, acoustic and very real, [SPEECHLESS] goes beneath the surface of a faith-informed perspective possessed by Christian music's most awarded artist. Read full review...

Greatest Hits Vol. 1 - Click to view!
Follow Steven Curtis Chapman on a look back on the past decade of great music from his past CDs. Greatest Hits chronicles the great adventure God has taken Steven on thus far, with ten hits from the past decade that set a new standard for Christian music plus two new songs and two new remixes. The definitive collection of hits.
Read full review...

Signs of Life - Click to view!
One of the absolutely best singer/songwriters in contemporary Christian music is back with not only a new haircut, but a new style of music that redefines what he's all about. Steven Curtis Chapman's new style is self described as "early rock and blues", but I'd say there's at least a little country and pop music on this album.
Read full review...

The Music of Christmas - Click to view!
With revised classic carols (changed to fit his contagious pop sound) and noteworthy new Christmas hits, SCC works like no other on his stirring seasonal release. Never content to be wrapped up in a box, Steven opted to mix in his six originals and musically rejuvenated versions of "O Come, Emmanuel," and many other classic carols. Read full review...

Heaven in the Real World - Click to view!
On the same level as his current hit, [SPEECHLESS], this record took Steven to new levels with rock muscle and hope-filled songs. It begins with some dramatic soundbite splicing of news reports on terrorism and wars, hanging on Steven's friend Chuck Colson asking "Where is the hope?" Steven proceeds with the title track, a pop landmark that turns around Colson's question to say, "He is the hope."
Read full review...

The Live Adventure - Click to view!
This CD accurately captures the adventure of a Steven Curtis Chapman concert (at least during The Great Adventure tour). Listen to the man sing his songs, wonder about what "The Great Adventure" could have been, talk about his kids, and share the Gospel on this live disc.

The Great Adventure - Click to view!
Possibly Chapman's defining moment, the title track of this album solidified his status as a Christian music symbol and captured the newly-sheared man a new host of fans.

For the Sake of the Call - Click to view!
Inspired by Dietrich Bonhoeffer and an intense realization of the call of Christ and its accompanying sacrifices, this album is yet another reason why Steven Curtis Chapman has sold so many records to so many fans.

More to this Life - Click to view!
As a landmark CCM album, and as a time of quiet consideration between the more intense projects Real Life Conversations and For the Sake of the Call, Steven's third effort is worth seeking. The passion to question faith and culture on this album inspired many of today's hottest alternative bands...and stands its own musical ground. Read full review...

Real Life Conversations - Click to view!
Following up on his successful first release, SCC gave us Real Life Conversations and a smash hit, "His Strength is Perfect."

First Hand - Click to view!
SCC's debut album was not a dud by any stretch of the imagination, featuring classics like "Hiding Place" and "My Redeemer is Faithful and True."

Spiced up with a bit of Shockwave and colorful design, this new site has all the info on Declaration, plus built-in discussion boards to hook up with other fans.

Chris Smith's SCC Site
Spiffy Smitty has a great site for Steven, including reviews of all his CDs, lots of sound clips, the latest news (even newer than the official!), and much more.

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