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Greatest Hits - Click to view! The evolution of contemporary Christian music from inspirational hymns to simple pop songs to alternative and beyond has been a slow but steady process since 1970. The 80s was a major transition time for the CCM industry, bringing new artists and new styles to the spotlight. Enter: Steven Curtis Chapman, a young, guitar-picking singer with a God-given gift of songwriting. Greatest Hits chronicles the great adventure God has taken Steven on thus far, with ten hits from the past decade that set a new standard for Christian music plus two new songs and two new remixes. "More to This Life." "For the Sake of the Call." "Heaven in the Real World." These are the masterpieces that have ministered to thousands the message of hope, grace and love found in Jesus Christ and living the Christian life. Steven's personal reflections on what inspired him to write the songs and what God has taught him over the years are included with the CD. Steven and band traveled to Abbey Road Studios in London, where the Beatles recorded almost all their music, to record the two remixes, juiced up versions of "Lord Of the Dance" and "The Walk." Too cool. "Not Home Yet," one of two new singles, really wraps up the message of Greatest Hits, as does SCC's last word on the album's notes: "It has truly been an amazing journey so far, and the best is still yet to be, so let's journey on."
- Josh M. Shepherd
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