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DOVE IMPROVEMENT: our advice to the GMA
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Like several members of the staff, I've never seen the Dove Awards because I don't have cable TV. And while it's heartening to hear that the ceremony will be broadcast on network TV this year, the later date frankly doesn't cut it. Patience may be a virtue, but it's certainly not one of mine.

My main beef with the Doves, at least in the past, has been that they're inaccessible. Not only are they not on my TV, but they, like most of the Christian music world, are located in Tennessee. While I appreciate Nashville's status as a music capital, I can't help but wish the Doves would branch out a little. My ideal ceremony would be a traveling one, with a new location chosen every year. Think the Olympics Games, reduced to a national scale. To bring the ceremony to its more distant enthusiast would be evangelical in a sense, increasing exposure and publicity if not fans.

I have to hand it to the Doves, though, for the serious effort they seem to be putting towards broadening their audience this year. The new announcement about live showings of the ceremony in Regal movie theaters is exciting, even if the theaters involved are few and far between. And the network TV deal may not be great, but it's a step in the right direction. I'm looking to the future with hope, and if any Dove officials are reading this, I'll humbly point out that Maryland would make a particularly good spot for a future ceremony. Until then, I'm on a mission to find a generous, cable-endowed friend. Wish me luck!
- Becca Tuttle
April 2004

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