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DOVE IMPROVEMENT: our advice to the GMA
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As someone who has never seen the Doves, what I'm about to offer is by no means an expert opinion. So take it with a grain of salt. If I were going to overhaul the awards, ceremony and all, this would be what I'd do:

1.) Don't let football players host. Again, although I was unable to watch Kurt Warner perform his duties as a co-host a year or two ago, and won't see Neon Deion in this year's installment, I've seen them in interviews (and in D's case, on CBS's football broadcasts) long enough to know that these two guys probably weren't the best choices. I have no doubt that they both love the Lord and might add prestige and a ratings boost that (no offence) Yolanda Adams probably can't, but they really only know how to do one thing: pass and/or catch a pigskin. Give Christian comedian Bob Smiley a chance (or, even better, let Paul Vischer host the entire evening in his "Bob the Tomato" voice). Just keep boring jocks out of the equation altogether.

2.) Don't let white folks decide who gets nominated in the hip-hop categories. Toby, I love you (in a totally platonic, heterosexual, brotherly, Christly way) but this has got to stop. Momentum was a huge hit and won you a lot of awards, but there's no way Paul Wright's re-working of "Love is in the House" should be considered for Rap Song of the Year. And neither should songs from albums released two years ago (see Grits' "Believe" and Souljahz's "Jubliee"). Or songs like KJ-52's "Dear Slim Pt. 2," that don't even try to be that much different from "part one."

You know how Christians complain that the Grammy voters don't know anything about our music? Well it's pretty obvious that we don't understand the urban side of things at all.

3.) This kind of ties into what I said in #2, but cover songs shouldn't be considered for awards either. Why Sanctus Real's version of "Beautiful Day" is up for Modern Rock Recorded Song of the Year is something I can't fathom.
- Ben Forrest
April 2004

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