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The Fight The Tide Interview - GMA Week, April 27, 2004
cMW: So what has happened since we last sat down together at last year's See Spot Rock tour?
Matt: Well, a lot has happened. We did the Festival Con Dios, which was a great tour. But the biggest thing that has happened obviously is making a new record, Fight the Tide, which we did in January. We spent all of December writing for the record and trying to decide the direction we were going. Making the record with Tedd T. was a really cool experience for us. So the whole process this time was exciting. So we spent January doing that and now I guess we are here promoting this, then we go on festivals and a Jeremy Camp tour in the Fall. Read full interview...

See Spot Rock Tour - Feb. 15, 2003
Heard singles on the radio. Wanted to hear more. Got the Say it Loud album. Liked it. Heard their set at the Lancaster Mennonite High School in PA as part of the current See Spot Rock tour. Liked it more. Sat down with Matt Hammitt, vocals and guitar, and Steve Goodrum, bass guitar player of Sanctus Real for a few minutes. Now I am hooked. See what they had to say. Read full interview...

Matt Hammitt (lead vocals, gutiar)
Chris Rohman (lead guitar)
Steve Goodrum (bass)
Mark Graalman (drums)

March 30, 2006 - Sanctus Real, HearItFirst.com, Creation Fest set to find next Major CCM Act
According to www.hearitfirst.com, Sanctus Real is hosting an event officially titled "Indiescovery" that can be found at the hearitfirst web site.  This contest, co-sponsored by Creation Festival, is a competition for one of three slots at the 2006 Creation Festival. According to a press release, each of the top three bands selected by online voters will receive a Saturday morning slot on the Fringe Stage and the opportunity to record a demo in Nashville, TN for a major Christian label. The contest is accepting submissions until April 14.

For more information about the Indiescovery Ultimate Battle of the Bands, to make a submission or to vote on your favorite artist, please visit http://www.hearitfirst.com/genres/indiescovery.aspx.

To learn more about Creation Northeast and Northwest, to view the complete program, or for information on purchasing tickets to the event, please visit www.creationfest.com and choose the link to the Festival you would like to attend.
- Matt 

December 24, 2005 - You in Sanctus Real? Could happen.
The guys in Sanctus Real are looking for a fifth band member to tour with them in February and April.

According a post from drummer Mark Graalman the band's message boards, SR is looking for "solid guitar player, vocalist, and is at least decent at piano and knows how to work with a keyboard well in a live concert setting." The post, discovered by cMW's intrepid Kim Flanders, states that this part-time gig could turn into a permanent position.

Graalman says the band wants someone between the age of 18 and 30, and "take seriously the spiritual condition of a person's heart. We are a very ministry focused band so we definitely want someone who is a solid believer in Christ and who sees this as an opportunity to worship Christ and to honor Him with your talents (no 'rock stars' please)."

Those interested in applying for the job are asked to make a VHS tape or DVD of themselves playing the guitar part to a song from SR's Fight the Tide album as well as the vocal harmony. The band is also looking for a piano performance to be included with the video, and Graalman suggests a "Coldplay song or something of that nature."

Follow this link for full details, and remember us when you're rich and famous.
- Ben 

Fight The Tide - Click to view! FIGHT THE TIDE (2004)
Any sophomore release is crucial in the fact that listeners of the debut want to know if the particular artist has staying power. Some have pulled it off without a hitch, while others have produced less graceful offerings. In the midst of trying to find their identity, Sanctus Real faces this same increasing pressure of gaining a foothold in the modern rock arena. Thankfully, with their second disc, Fight the Tide, they secure that foothold, albeit using a repeat performance to do so. Read full review...

Say It Loud - Click to view!
SAY IT LOUD (2002)
If such a thing existed as a battle of the bands who featured freaky children on their album covers, Sanctus Real would win hands down. Staring at the little tyke all wrapped up in tinfoil brings to mind Tibetan monk aliens from the future. Sanctus Real, however, remains firmly grounded in the present, attempting to find their identity by wading through the pop/rock trend that dominates virtually all youth culture today. Read full review...

A fun site with all the lastest info on the band, this one will entertain you while finding them on a tour near you.

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