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Paul Wright was not wearing flip-flops when I met up with him to discuss his new album just after his short set. In fact, my feet were a bit cold while we stood in a tent erected in a parking lot at the bottom of a ski slope. Even the thought of wearing flip-flops seemed far off at the time. But when his upcoming release, From Sunrise to Sunset, is released on July 19th, chances are that the flip-flops will don his feet once again. Read full feature...

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Fly Away - Click to view! FLY AWAY (2003)
In a market where originality is rare, Paul Wright's unique sound is a refreshing approach to Christian music. A medley of musical styles makes his debut Fly Away almost impossible to limit to one genre, and it's this creativity that produces such an enjoyable CD. Wright's music has elements of John Mayer's acoustic guitar and Jason Mraz's folksy spunk, with a little of his own freestyle rap thrown in to stir things up. Read full review...

Paul Wright EP - Click to view!
This is a teaser debut to drum up buyers for the full-length and offers little apart from the Fly Away disc.

As usual for Gotee, the official site is fun, interactive, has lots of music to listen to, plus lots more about "Mr. Wright".

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