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If you've seen the cover for KJ-52's latest, Collaborations, and are as ignorant of Christian hip-hop as I am, the first words that come to mind aren't the ones you see in the title above. The Artist Otherwise Known As Jonah Sorrentino, decked out in decidedly suburban scrubs and sporting bleached blonde hair make looks like he just stepped out of a GAP ad. He is told this. Read full feature...

October 20, 2005 - Kutless hits road with Disciple, KJ-52 today
Limp Bizkit has abandoned its roots and Rage Against the Machine may be gone, but rock and rap continues to collide in the music business.

Such is the case on hard rock outfit Kutless's latest headlining tour. The band hits the road today with emcee KJ-52, Essential Records' Krystal Myers and metal heads Disciple, according to CCMmagazine.com.

Kutless is touring behind Strong Tower, a worship album that has been its fastest selling record to date, CCM reports. "We've been in the studio for 2 1/2 months recording our next record, so we feel like we've got some energy to burn," says the band's lead singer, Jon Micah Sumrall.

The new record is due out in 2006 and at this stage looks like it more closely resembles the "rock roots" of the band's eponymous debut, released in 2002.
- Ben 

Behind The Musik - Click to view! BEHIND THE MUSIK: A BOY NAMED JONAH (2005)
The latest from KJ-52 focuses on the story of KJ's life and delivers a bit more variety in music and topic than previous albums.

7th Avenue '04 Edition - Click to view!
To bring more attention to KJ-52's Essential Records debut, the label re-released the album. Some of the new mixes are a bit below par and the silly interludes are cut out from the album. The real tragedy of the disc is the terrible mix on the rare hit "12th Round Knockout".

It's Pronounced 'Five-Two' - Click to view!
Fans screamed with excitement at the news that Jonah Sorrentino would release another album just over a year after his surprise sophomore hit Collaborations. At the same time reviewers like me got a funny feeling in the pit of their stomachs. KJ-52 is an intelligent, commercially accessible artist. Would just over a year give him enough time to produce an original project? Sadly, the answer is no. Read full review...

Collaborations - Click to view!
Can an emcee be dope and still talk about Jesus Christ? Questions surrounding this topic have been a cause for division within the Christian hip-hop industry. It seems that the best groups out there are able to find a mainstream audience while never hiding the message they preach. Add KJ-52 to the list. KJ shows that not only has he gotten better, he has also gotten bolder. Read full review...

7th Avenue - Click to view!
7TH AVENUE (2000)
He came out of virtually nowhere releasing his debut album on Essential Records, a label better known for its alt-rock artists Jars of Clay and Third Day. To the cynic, it seemed as if Essential was merely playing off the fame of rap superstar Eminem. Little did anyone know that while there might have been some similarities, KJ-52 was a bonafide emcee. A talented, underground cat who is just now surfacing, after years of struggle, to try his hand at the hip-hop game. Read full review...

KJ's label site has lots of info on his music and other great hip-hop artists.

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