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We talk with James Mead, guitarist for Kutless, about his new disc, Sea of Faces, the success of their debut, the recording process, touring, and much more. Read full interview...

Jon Micah Sumrall (vocals)
James Mead (guitar)
Ryan Shrout (guitar)
"Stu" (bass)
Kyle Mitchell (drums)

Sea of Faces - Click to view! SEA OF FACES (2004)
Few people in the music biz are unfamiliar with the infamous Sophomore Slump. We all dread it—musicians, listeners, labels, and music reviewers—and yet many artists have fallen prey to it. To avoid becoming its next victim, Kutless uses a "catch-all" strategy on their second release, Sea of Faces, employing the crunchy hard rock they're best known for as well as some metal, synth, worship, and yes, even a tad of adult contemporary. The result works well... to an extent. Read full review...

Kutless DVD - Click to view!
Tooth & Nail's latest hit band, Kutless, presents you with a DVD that will rock your face off. Featuring music videos from some of their most popular songs and a behind-the-scenes segment, this DVD is sure to fan the fire that Kutless's debut ignited.

Kutless - Click to view!
KUTLESS (2002)
Staind, Nickelback, and Puddle of Mudd. Like these rock bands? Chances are they probably won't record a Christian album anytime soon. Fear not: if you're a fan of those secular guys but looking for something more spiritual, Kutless makes a fine choice for a Christian alternative. Not only is their stuff squeaky clean; Kutless just oozes with talent. These are five guys who know how to rock hard and praise God while doing so. Clearly grasping the ideals of faith, hope, and love, Kutless's songwriting promises a pick-me-up when you're feeling like scum. Read full review...

If you've got Flash, you can listen to the whole CD right from the site. Plus, there's a whole lot more info where that came from...

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