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Burn In Heaven?
To Burn Again - No Innocent Victim With the rise of '90s hardcore, No Innocent Victim were among the originators, putting out four albums between 1996 and 2001 before band pressures, business ventures and family lives ended the band's run - or not. A surprise Cornerstone Fest set in 2004 tipped off their comeback, and in November 2005 To Burn Again was unleashed on drummer Jason Dunn's own label, Facedown, and it's been worth the wait, kids. Included are several re-worked versions of old chestnuts like "Stand", "Paid In Full" and "Open" (I'm still waiting for a new rendition of "Struggle"), and from the artwork to the production values, everything is pointing to NIV's re-taking of their place in the genre. The topics range from unity to addiction to asking God to kick-start the compromised Christian-hardcore scene - the biggest factor in No Innocent Victim's decision to return. To Burn Again, featuring a second guitarist, beefed-up sound and breakdowns everywhere, is a direct challenge to the countless bands plying their music under the banner of Christ. A welcome return to form.


Phenomenon - Thousand Foot Krutch
Thousand Foot Krutch

Silence - Blindside

hard rock artists
12 Stones
a creed imitation that manages to bring a bit more faith and youth group appeal.
38th Parallel
rock it out with lead singers trading harmonies and raps to find a unique sound.
Big Dismal
most all we can say is that this is the christian version of creed, as if we needed that.
Big Fat Jam
imitating the old "hair bands" makes for a unique band for those who still cannot get enough.
featured on many mainstream discs, this act is unshackled semi-punk.
a multi-platinum band whose music--not lifestyles--is ultimately good and hopeful.
Day of Fire
after years of struggling with life in mainstream rock, josh brown started a christian rock band.
Dead Poetic
a young powerhouse of hardcore rock, this band enjoys broadening their style of rock.
vocalist josh kemble fashions intelligent, even poignant lyrics—stuff you do not find in hard rock.
East West
this group shows that hard rock is not just noise, but a form of popular artwork.
showing passion through their loud, screaming/sung rock, this band is real.
searching for meaning in their lives, evanescence takes the dark, gothic road.
Fighting Jacks
emo-punk for the new generation, this quartet has a hot, new rock sound for the masses.
a female-fronted hard rock band is rather rare, and lead singer lacey mosley is going to take them far.
The Insyderz
most would say that ska is dead, but the insyderz prove that ska can be just as good as ever.
straight-up rock with simple, worshipful lyrics that will keep you excited about God.
one of christian music's leading hard rock bands yells out the gospel for the masses.
the popular rock sound of today that isn't just a copycat? let's find out more...
Lucerin Blue
heavy with even a bit of piano and strings, this band has something for most rock fans.
Peace of Mind
when rap, pop, and straight-up rock unite, don't expect your mother's peace of mind.
starting off with rap-rock, these boys are now on to straight up rock with an uncompromised message.
raising the roof and spreading God's love, these Californians are catching the ear of America's youth.
Project 86
beneath a colorful picture of modern culture, project 86 paints a pitcure of modern man looking for truth.
Seventh Day Slumber
rockin' like creed and lifehouse, this band does not bring original sound but a ministry focus.
through now more electronica, john cooper & co. are known mostly for deranged rock.
Thousand Foot Krutch
they used to be more hard, but now these canadians have a mellower, rap/rock feel.
hard rock news
March 4, 2005 - Welch Planning Solo Career, Skate Parks, And Reality TV
According to MTV News, Brian "Head" Welch, former Korn guitarist, plans to embark on a solo caree, use money he makes off of songs to build skate parks for kids and possibly star in a reality TV show based on his life.

"I want to make music that will help people. I want to use every dime of the money I make off the songs to build skate parks for kids," Welch said. "My life now is about helping kids."

Welch recently announced he was leaving Korn after rededicating his life to Christianity. He plans to continue as a musician, but said his songs will reflect a more positive attitude.

"My music is going to have a Christian, spiritual edge to it, for sure," Welch said. I have a song called 'Kry,' which I feel is like God talking to me. It's just a reflection of how I feel now. It's about life experiences."

Welch said he does not want to 'preach' to people, but he does want to reach out to those who are in the same spot that he was in four months ago—depressed, addicted, even suicidal.

"I had nothing to lose," Welch said. "I remember lying in bed, thinking, 'Take me home, Lord.' But he helped me through it. He made me the happiest man alive," Welch said.

While currently writing songs on a tour of Israel with fellow church members, Welch said he is hoping to prove to the world he is a serious Christian by taking his story to reality television.

"I want to do a reality show on my life change," Welch said. "So many people just don't want to try (Christianity), and I want to reach out to them."
- Josh 

November 19, 2004 - UPDATED: Evanescence Rocks On To Narnia
UPDATE: The production team of The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe have denied Evanescence's involvement in the film. Evanescence may still be writing music based on Narnia, but it has no official connection to the film or its soundtrack. - Dan

"It still sounds like the Evanescence everybody knows, but at the same time it's going in a new direction, and I love that direction."

Those were the words of Evanescence's Amy Lee as she spoke on their upcoming DVD/CD package, "Anywhere But Home," set to be released Tuesday. Besides onstage and backstage footage, the set also includes concert bloopers just to show that the band isn't perfect.

Evanescence has been enjoying their time on the road since the departure of Ben Moody in October 2003. Lee says now she isn't worried about going pop—the route Moody has taken in his songwriting for Avril Lavigne and Kelly Clarkson.

"Most people assume just from looking at us and our music that Ben is responsible for all the rock music, and all the sappy stuff comes from me," Lee said. "That just isn't true. Ben's the one who wrote 'My Immortal.' "

Lee said Moody was focused more on being commercial and selling albums.

"He's more about the pop influence," Lee said. "That's the part that we also disagreed on. I want to do the more artistic, weird thing, and he would want to do the thing that people would want to hear."

Lee has also been working on music for the upcoming film "The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe," inspired by the children's series book by C.S. Lewis. The book was a childhood favorite of Lee's.

"I love the kind of stranger children's stuff," she said. "I think that's very much what our music is inspired by. Not only death and the morbid stuff, but that it comes from the perspective of a child and things relating to childhood, because that's what I went through."

Lee was offered a small role in the film, currently in production in New Zealand, but considering the role she requested, the film's producers may have been too freaked out to give her a part.

Said Lee: "They were like, 'Do you want to do a cameo?' And I was like, '---- yeah! Let me die. I want to be somebody who gets murdered.' So I don't think that's going to happen."

Source: MTV News
- Josh 

July 17, 2004 - Not the 400 meter relay race for Kutless
During GMA week in April, we first heard about the plan for Kutless to play in Athens at this year’s 2004 summer Olympics at the steps of the Acropolis. Apparently, as they told the press at Creation, their publicist had some contacts with people who worked for the Olympics and one day the guys learned of their pending overseas trip by phone one day, “Guess what? You are going to Athens.” Race over to http://www.kutless.com/news.asp for more details.
- Kim 

March 27, 2004 - Skillet Collides With The Mainstream
The Paul Ebersold-produced Collide will get another chance to impact audiences this Spring. Lava Records, home to Kid Rock, Simple Plan and Smile Empty Soul has agreed to pick up Skillet's latest to sell and promote it in the mainstream. We talked with Skillet last night on their Minnesota stop of the See Spot Rock tour. Although they did not play any new songs, the band announced that there would be two new songs, one of which would be the first mainstream single. The new version of Collide will hit stores on May 25th, so give your old copy to a friend and go buy it.

UPDATE 4/2/2004 - "Savior" will be the first single, with the new track possibly being a second song for radio play. The first single is already doing well on college radio, so start requesting "Savior".
- Dan 

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