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cMW: What can you tell us about your upcoming album? Date of release? Number of tracks?

Paul: It is going to have 11 songs on it, I think, and it will be released hopefully June or July. We are still trying to pick out a single so it is based on when the single is ready to go out—the album usually comes out about a month later. So it should be June or July, and it is really energetic. It is the real 12 Stones. Because the first record we wrote in the first month we all knew each other. We were not friends before the band. We all just kind of met one day and started jammin'. We have actually had time to get to know each other and to learn how to play with each other. And now we have the new record so hopefully it should work out. Read full review...

Paul McCoy (lead vocals)
Eric Weaver (guitar)
Greg Trammel (bass)
Aaron Gainer (drums)

Potter's Field - Click to view! POTTER'S FIELD (2004)
Once again I find myself writing about the return of a favorite band after what seems like a prolonged absence. I know I made a big deal out of the two years' gap between releases for Pillar, and I still feel that such a large absence from the scene is too long, but the anxiety was particularly acute with respect to 12 Stones's latest, Potter's Field. When you like an album as much as I like their debut, it's hard to wait for the follow-up. Read full review...

12 Stones - Click to view!
12 STONES (2002)
Ever since spiritual rockers Creed hit it big, Wind-Up Records (among other record labels) has pulled every possible trick out of its hat to repeat their phenomenal success. The manufacturing of Creed clones has spawned bands such as Big Dismal, Nickelback, Kutless, and several others. One of those "others" who has garnered a significant amount of attention happens to be 12 Stones, also appropriately signed to Wind-Up, and unlike Creed, they are abashedly unashamed to share their faith. Read full review...

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