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cMW: What is the biggest difference in touring as a mainstream band with touring with a Christian band?
Josh: Right now for us it is probably just venues. As a band, it is the same. Like when you are travelling every day and you know you need this much to live — eating and all those things. And just the camaraderie is about the same. Of course, there are way less drugs. When I toured with Full Devil Jacket, it was drugs and sex and partying. And now it is touring without that aspect and it is touring with a purpose. Like you can have a really hard day out on the road being in Day of Fire. And everything can go wrong all the way up to the time of the show. God brings refreshment. When you go ahead and have the right attitude and you play — not even just play but when you go there to meet people and give and to refresh somebody else — God always refreshes you. In many ways it is the same, except we have a purpose. We are not going to a city just to put on a rock show. A relationship ministry kind of thing is involved. It's cool! I mean, honestly, it is fulfilling. It is way better! Read full interview...

Joshua Brown (lead vocals)
Gregg Hionis (guitar)
Joe Pangallo (lead guitar)
Zach Simms (drums)
Joel Green (bass, vocals)

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Day of Fire - Click to view! DAY OF FIRE (2004)
If one were penning a modern-day Saul of Tarsus conversion story, they might well want to hire Josh Brown as a consultant. Born in the late '70s, Brown was already taking hard drugs by his fifteenth birthday. After playing in a succession of bands, Brown met the members of what would become Full Devil Jacket in 1995 at a tattoo parlor run by his brother. The group's rising popularity netted them gigs at increasingly larger venues over the next several years, including a slot at Woodstock '99. Read full review...

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