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Scott Stapp (vocals)
Mark Tremonti (guitars)
Scott Phillips (drums)

Greatest Hits - Click to view! GREATEST HITS (2004)
Missed the spiritual rockers that was Creed? A big fan that wants some more authentic Creed stuff. Well, here's some of their best tracks from their three albums. Plus, it includes a DVD featuring their complete music video collection as well as some previously unreleased live video. In stores November 23rd.

Weathered - Click to view!
Dark, cryptic rock prevails on Weathered, Creed's most spiritual album to date, bringing along with it more questions, fewer answers, and excess listening enjoyment all in the band's trademark style. Showing lead vocalist/frontman Scott Stapp and co-writer/guitarist Mark Tremonti at their lyrical best, Weathered also demonstrates a more refined music style. Although they aren't Christians (yet), Weathered shows promise on the horizon as a spiritual breakthrough for the band. Read full review...

Human Clay - Click to view!
Synonymous with teen angst, depressing lyrics, and loud power chords, the early 90's grunge era brought to light such "inspiring" acts as Alice in Chains, the Smashing Pumpkins, and Nirvana. This mad-at-the-world outlook fueled a rebellious youth culture, which even now continues to view self-centeredness and negativity as the norm. Searing Gibson electric guitars and drum-thrashing rhythm demonstrate that one South Florida band has kept the genre alive--yet with largely optimistic, spiritually-suggestive lyrics. Read full review...

My Own Prison - Click to view!
When Creed finally "burst" onto the scene, with hit singles and interviews on major entertainment shows, I'd already discovered them. Long before they were being hailed as the saviours of rock music itself, I had spun My Own Prison about ten times. When fools were rushing in to label them "Christian" without having heard their album...well, you get the idea. I was deeply impressed with Scott Stapp's highbrow, introspective lyrics and his unique, aggressive vocals. Read full review...

The good-looking official site has all the latest info, all their music videos to stream over the net, plus audio samples, photos, and much more.

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