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cMW: If you win the Rock Album of the year Dove Award, what would you say?

Chuck: I don't know, but it's kind of funny. I hope we aren't jinxing ourselves, but we have been preparing ourselves with, "What would we say?" There are so many things you want to say. We are fortunate, we feel blessed and lucky to be nominated considering last year we really did not get a chance to tour because of Eric, our singer's surgery. He did not sing for most of the year. He had to learn how to use his voice again. After healing, his voice is now stronger than ever. We are going to try to push the album Believe this year since we did not get a chance to last year. Read full interview...

Eric Durrance (vocals, guitar)
Chuck Shea (guitars)
Gary Sobel (bass)
Jeff Chomin (drums)

Believe - Click to view! BELIEVE (2003)
In an attempt to broaden my musical knowledge this past year, I took a course titled "Music in Popular Culture." My professor explained to us the logic that Sun Records employed in allowing Elvis to sign with another label: it wasn't the singer himself that was selling records, but the new style in which he sung. Wind-Up Records, though not stupid enough to let Creed walk, has seemingly employed a similar strategy in most of its recent signings. Read full review...

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