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Sonny (lead vocals)
Traa (bass)
Jason Truby (guitar)
Wuv (drums)

Payable on Death - Click to view! PAYABLE ON DEATH (2003)
As the last few notes of "Eternal" drift through your ears, you sit back completely relaxed and marvel at how Payable on Death grew on you so quickly. It seemed like just an hour ago you were muttering curses in your head about P.O.D.'s new radio-friendly style. Now as the soothing, salsa flavored guitars—one of them belonging to Phil Keaggy—fade to black, you collect your thoughts and try to remember where the turnaround began. Read full review...

Still Payin' Dues DVD - Click to view!
Unlike most of the DVD's featured on this site, Still Payin' Dues is a long-form DVD that is worth every penny it costs. Combining music videos with documentary-like features, this DVD chronicles the band's history from start to present. If you call yourself a P.O.D. fan and you don't have this DVD, what are you waiting for?

Satellite - Click to view!
"One of the most important records of our time" is how Atlantic Records spokespeople describe Satellite, the latest album from hardcore supergroup P.O.D. Satellite goes above and beyond anything P.O.D. has ever released, as there's something for everyone on this disc, even for those who aren't fans of hardcore rock. Perhaps the most noteworthy acclamation, though, is that in the midst of all the hype this album gives total glory to our Lord and Savior. Read full review...

The Fundamental Elements of Southtown - Click to view!
"Let me tell you why you are here," Reads Matthew 5:13a,15a "You're here to bring out the God-flavors of this earth...To be light, showing the God-colors in the world." Sonny, Traa, Marcos, and Wuv of the band Payable On Death know the meaning of those verses. They also know nothing of conformity. Their hard rock sound have left those in CCM-land shaking their heads, and their uplifting, God-praising lyrics are bringing light to those in the mainstream market. Read full review...

Warriors EP - Click to view!
A pre-cursor to their break-out album The Fundamental Elements of Southtown, this EP features both new and old songs to provide a transitory CD between old and new P.O.D.

Live - Click to view!
LIVE (1997)
A disc full of P.O.D.'s party-rocking rock performed live, this is a good intro to the old P.O.D. for new fans.

Brown - Click to view!
BROWN (1996)
Another hard-hitting early album from P.O.D.

Snuff the Punk - Click to view!
P.O.D.'s hard-rockin' debut was released on Rescue Records.

Including the latest sound bytes from the band, an e-mail list that keeps you on the latest from the band, plus lots more, this site is an official site not to miss.

P.O.D. - Warriors4Jah.com
An oft-updated fansite with all you need to become a warrior.

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