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cMW: When are you going to learn how to spell "rawk?" I mean, I know how Canadians sometimes spell words kind of funny....
Trevor McNevan (vocals): Easy, easy!
Steve Augustine (drums): Hey, we're musicians.
Trevor: The "rawk" thing really wasn't meant to be such a big deal. It was just like, "Should we start it with a 'k' or what?" We'll try to fix it up.
Steve: FM Static does not have any weird letters in it. It's spelled out the way it sounds. Read full interview...

Trevor McNevan (vocals, guitar)
Joel Bruyere (bass)
Steve Augustine (drums)

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The Art of Breaking - Click to view! THE ART OF BREAKING (2005)
Although not an improvement from their major-label debut, it is something new from Thousand Foot Krutch. In Stores July 19.

Set It Off (Re-release) - Click to view!
Since their indie disc is hard to find, the friendly folks at Tooth & Nail haved decided to remix, remaster, and all that jazz. If you don't have the original, get this one plus a couple new songs on September 7th.

Phenomenon - Click to view!
After a three year hiatus, Thousand Foot Krutch has returned with a softer-than-usual sounding album. Phenomenon amalgamates twelve very different songs onto a single album that has been gaining both Christian and secular recognition. With one track already being spun on stations across America and Canada, TFK's latest release has obvious staying power. Read full review...

Set It Off - Click to view!
SET IT OFF (1999)
This disc was released before getting the Tooth & Nail label deal and features such popular tunes as "Superfly," "Unbelievable," and "Puppet".

A cool looking flash site has all the info you need, despite some parts not being updated very often.

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