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'Til We Have Money
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Music. It affects all of us, whether or not we're avid music fans who can't stay away from the record store, or if our listening experiences are the catchy advertisement melodies. It is a form of entertainment: indeed, it is one of the oldest forms, and is one of the fine arts mentioned early in Genesis. When the Egyptians were swallowed up in the Red Sea, Moses and Miriam both sang songs of praise to Jehovah. King David wrote psalms to be sung in worship and provided us with a perfect hymnal for worship. But if we were to interpret music solely as entertainment, we would be missing so much and allowing precious moments to pass us by.

The aforementioned biblical examples demonstrate the most defining characteristic of music: it is an expression of our feelings, particularly those feelings towards God. Those feelings may not always mention God, and they are certainly not always praiseworthy or glorifying to Him, but just as He pervades the actions and thoughts of all people regardless of the state of their souls, He also penetrates their artistic expressions. And that is why we come back again and again: music allows us a glimpse into the character of God, just as theology does. "The heavens declare the glory of God, and the firmament shows His handiwork," wrote the Psalmist (Psalm 19:1). It is fair to say that music also declares the glory of God, whether or not it is meant to.

This feature sees some of cMusicWeb.com's writers reflecting on albums that they can't get away from. These are records that have impacted us and made us think differently. Just as reading a small book will change our lives, a song too can make walls and emotions crumble with stirring melodies and honest lyrics.

"Man's chief end is to glorify God and to enjoy Him forever," wrote the writers of the Westminster Shorter Catechism. Good music accomplishes both these things. We hope that through reading our comments on some of our favorite records you will be challenged to delve deeper, not only in your listening habits but in your entire life. Don't be satisfied with safety: reach for the beautiful and the good.

Be challenged. Be inspired. Be reflective. Be thoughtful. Never be satisfied with the emotion, but delve deeper, defying your feelings and reaching for the stars. Which albums have impacted you? Which albums have made you think differently? Don't stand still, but run.

That said, enjoy our little offering. We hope you find it challenging, inspiring, thought-provoking, and, most importantly, God-glorifying. Soli Deo Gloria.

Ben Forrest
Rick Foux
Melissa Miles
Riko Eksteen
Dan Ficker
Melissa McNeil
Jason Ewert

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