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'Til We Have Money
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Melissa Miles
All That You Can't Leave Behind - U2 All That You Can't Leave Behind (2000) - U2
This album is a must have. With uplifting songs like “Beautiful Day” and “Elevation,” even my Dallas traffic jams don’t seem so bad. Couple that with insightful songs like “Grace” and “Stuck in a Moment,” and you got yourself an all-around winner. Kudos to Bono and the boys.
Jars of Clay (self-titled) Jars of Clay (1995) - Jars of Clay
Though they have put out some grand stuff throughout the years, their first is still their best. Transforming the overused and run-down acoustic guitar into something fresh again was no small task, yet they made it look so easy. “Flood” and “Love Song For a Savior” will continue to be staples of the Christian music palate.
Glo - Delirious? Glo (2000) - Delirious?
This album puts all that is great about the d: boys in one amazing package. Worship that can pull the most ambivalent Christian into the holy presence of God, played with the experienced skill of these musicians… you just gotta love it.
The Way I Am - Jennifer Knapp The Way I Am (2001) - Jennifer Knapp
Stereotypes blown to smithereens in the third album from Ms. Knapp. Using an orchestra to augment her guitar, Jen and producer Tony McAnany made the perfect frame for her soulful voice. And don’t forget those honest, to-the-point lyrics!
Learning to Breathe - Switchfoot Learning to Breathe (2000) - Switchfoot
These California boys deliver a sound like you wouldn’t believe. Funky tunes like “Poparazzi” and “Erosion” make feet start tappin’, hands wavin’, and the groove is simply undeniable. This is the ultimate ‘working’ album. Turn it on and before you know it you’ve finished cleaning your room or washing your car. Try it!

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