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cMusicWeb.com: Your record is releasing on a mainstream record label later this year. Previously, bands "crossed over" with one or two songs and people made a big deal about it. Now it seems more and more Christians are getting more influence in the mainstream. What is your take on this?
Mat Kearney: Well, I never made a record to be in the Christian market. So when I made my record it was to exist in all of the markets. I grew up not really listening to tons of Christian music and if I did it was in the context of all the other music I listened to. So when I made the record I definitely had plans and visions and dreams. When I went to Inpop I said, "Let's work on the Christian side but I am also going to sign a general market deal." I did not know how or what I was doing. My take is that it is natural. For me it just feels like exactly what I am supposed to be doing. My faith is a part of who I am and the music I make. But it has to exist within the world that does not necessarily believe what I believe. Just like we walk into Starbucks every day and order from people that don't agree with us and eat chicken that probably isn't Christian chicken. I think that it is just fitting for me and what I am doing and it seems to make sense that it is working in both markets. Read full review...

October 20, 2005 - Mat Kearney Freestyles It Into February
Singer-songwriter, hip-hop artist, and just about everything else, Mat Kearney has a great live show. And if you have not caught it yet, try to catch it soon. Kearney is currently opening shows for Steven Kellogg and The Sixers, a pop/rock band with a fruitless but entertaining live show. Mat Kearney, besides playing a smattering of songs from his debut, Bullet, is also playing new songs which will mostly likely be on the February re-release of Bullet on Aware/Columbia Records. Backed with only his acoustic guitar, Kearney even did some freestyle verses about his brief visit to Minneapolis, where he was playing the show.
- Dan 

Bullet - Click to view! BULLET (2004)
There have been many musical fusions and marriages of styles in the world of Rock and Roll. Recently we have seen the success of the forced union of Rock and Rap oversaturate the industry to nauseating levels. It was only a matter of time 'til the "genre" would be given an extreme makeover and reemerge as a polished masterpiece. Enter Mat Kearney ...maybe. With a deep appreciation and regard for the culture of hip-hop, rather than re-birthing an illegitimate step-child of musical lust, he creates a sound unlike any other. Read full review...

Newly redesigned, this site has all the info one needs on Mat except for information on his major-label debut.

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