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2000 cMusicWeb.com Award Winners


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Time - Third Day Best Rock Artist
Third Day
these guys are awesome, and it's no wonder that they won. audio adrenaline, delirious?, and mxpx took second.

Best Rock Album
Time by Third Day
underdog by audio adrenaline took a very close second, with not many others contending
The Supernatural Experience - dc Talk Best Alternative Artist
dc Talk
i don't know why i thought these guys should be eligable, except that they had a great tour last spring and they released a video. runner-up switchfoot should have won.
If I Left The Zoo - Jars of Clay Best Alternative Album
If I Left the Zoo by Jars of Clay
switchfoot's new way to be human was the runner-up again on this category.
LaRue [ SPEECHLESS ] - Steven Curtis ChapmanBest Pop Artists
LaRue and Steven Curtis Chapman
michael w. smith and the veggietales were very close behind.

Best Pop Album
speechless was a distant second place. it's amazing how popular these two teens are in such a short time!
SONICFLOOd Best Worship Artist
almost 50 percent of the voters voted for this band, while 25 percent voted for delirious?.

Best Worship Album
an overwhelming 66 percent voted for this progressive worship album, and the heart of worship was a distant second.
Other Awards
goesaroundcomesaround - FonoThe Katinas Best New Artists
FONO and The Katinas
votes were very across-the-board and chevelle lost by one vote.
Live & in the Can - delirious?The Katinas

All Together SeparateMezzamorphis - delirious?
Best Packaging
Live & In The Can (deliriou5?), The Fundamental Elements of Southtown (P.O.D.), All Together Separate (self-titled) and Mezzamorphis (delirious?)
half the people left this category blank, four expressed their "huh?", and the winners got two votes each.
Best Live Performance
Step Up To The Microphone Tour: Newsobys
(GROAN) disgusting! less brainwashed masses chose the holy roller tour with the insyderz, five iron frenzy, and the w's and the mezzamorphis tour with delirious? and switchfoot.
Exodus Best Collection / Event / Christmas Album
WoW 2000
allow me another groan. why would anyone like a cd that's just a copy of the radio? and doesn't everybody know there are tons better songs than these on those albums, but just not radio friendly? c'mon, be creative, like our other runners-up, happy christmas 2 and listen: louder
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