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Rick Heil (song leader, guitar)
Todd Shay (lead guitar)
David Alan (keyboards)
Tom Michael (bass)
Brett Vargason (drums)

This Generation - Click to view! THIS GENERATION (2004)
The latest from SONICFLOOd combines worship favorites such as "Jesus, You Alone" and "This Generation" as well as some original tunes form the band. In stores September 14.

Cry Holy - Click to view!
CRY HOLY (2003)
After two hit albums (the first of which has sold over 500,000 copies), a Grammy nomination and the exodus of most of its creative talent, expectations on Sonicflood's 2001 album Resonate were extremely high. As anyone who bought Resonate can attest, those expectations were not met. Two years later, however, comes Cry Holy, a return to the band's roots as a cover group committed to breathing new life into other artists' songs, and puts them back into the upper half of the country's best worship groups. Full review...

RESONATe - Click to view!
RESONATe (2001)
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SONICPRAISe - Click to view!
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SONICFLOOd - Click to view!
Ever thought about the power of GOD? Some albums do well at reflecting on our Savior's sacrifice, our God's grace, our Lord's goodness. But His consuming fury and power to change minds, hearts, and lives can't be musically related in a repetitive keyboard-based eighties chorus, or a female singer belting a gospel ballad. Enter: SONICFLOOd. With uncommon musical genius, these four former dc Talk backup musicians bring a new level of electric sound and intimate songwriting to the ever-broadening progressive worship movement. Full review...

Using Shockwave, this official site give you most of the info you need on the current band, although the navigation is somewhat unforgiving.

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