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SONICFLOOd - Click to view!Ever thought about the power of GOD? Some albums do well at reflecting on our Savior's sacrifice, our God's grace, our Lord's goodness. But His consuming fury and power to change minds, hearts, and lives can't be musically related in a repetitive keyboard-based eighties chorus, or a female singer belting a gospel ballad. Enter: SONICFLOOd. With uncommon musical genius, these four former dc Talk backup musicians (and now former BTR bassist) bring a new level of electric sound and intimate songwriting to the ever-broadening progressive worship movement. The majority of SONICFLOOd's debut is a set of popular and little-known worship gems mixed with rough distortion, dubbed vocals and intense acoustic sound. This reverent, relevant rock is sure to appeal to the worshiphiles who have been soaking in the river of the Holy Spirit for years, and the modern rock crowd who have been sitting on the fringes of total abandonment, and weary of the mediocre tranquility and musical simplicity that plagues live recordings. The band covers Vineyard's "I Have Come to Worship You" with earnest drive, "I Want to Know You" with stellar harmony and electric rebound, a live strings-enhanced "Holiness" with worshipful adoration and Bill Gaither's "Something About the Name" with a funk groove (guest vocalist: dcT's Kevin Max). Knowing the other songs so well, SONICFLOOd's originals are what most impressed me, especially "Carried Away", which brings to vivid life the exciting reality of God's presence, and "I Need You", whose profound imagery speaks volumes: "You know my deepest fear ~ You know when I'm scared ~ You can read my empty page ~ You can feel my rage". Wow. Another strong aspect of this record is the top-notch production, intricate harmony and vocal excellence. In conclusion, SONICFLOOd is not a performance, it's not a show—it's a sonic sacrifice of rocking praise, a selfless statement of humility before God alone.
- Josh M. Shepherd
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