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Telecasting Through Many Sound Waves
Eternity Is Now - Telecast Several years ago, a Washington-based worship band arrived on the scene. Unlike many new worship artists, they arrived with little to no fanfare. That only added to the charm of their sound-much as when a national coffee chain is compared to a local indie house. Today, Telecast has kept the same underground feel on their sophomore release, Eternity is Now. Taking care not to sound like the bands already flooding this saturated genre, they create music that both glorifies God and displays musical creativity. After being compared to Coldplaybecause no one else could pigeonhole their sound, they even break away from that label. In Eternity is Now, you'll hear a unique expression amidst the many sound waves navigating the skies.


Wash Over Me - Jami Smith
Wash Over Me
Jami Smith

Ardent Worship Live - Skillet
Ardent Worship Live

worship artists
Todd Agnew
a southern, bluesy rock style that puts the rock back into hymns and modern worship.
Lincoln Brewster
a guitar-slinging, vocally-driven musician who puts the "modern" in "modern worship."
The Burn Service
vineyard's youth label premieres with this surprisingly hook-laden project.
Chillout Series
this series brings a unique style of worship by creating a calm, relaxed feel throughout the disc.
David Crowder Band
starting his career with the passion band, david crowder steps out with a fresh sound for worship.
Daniel's Window
trying to make worship accessible to the pop/rock crowd, they remake songs with a rock/rap bent.
Jeff Deyo
picking up where he left off when he parted from sonicflood, prayer and worship are key to jeff deyo.
Enter the Worship Circle
music with a gut-level intensity takes you to God's throne and invites you to join in real worship.
Darrell Evans
with disarming melody evans declared praise to God and war on the enemy in his songs.
a bit slow on the delivery, everyone finds brit-influenced, light rock worship.
the founder of the city on a hill projects creates a worship disc with his wife, rock chick christine glass.
Tim Hughes
a pupil of matt redman, hughes has written today's most popular worship songs and records them well.
Andy Hunterº
this artist brings a whole new genre to the worship arena, moving from the church to the dance club.
Matt McGee
a new worshipper with a stripped-down, simplistic form of worship destined for inspirational radio.
Jim Murphy
taking pop/inspirational music where it has gone before, this artist has worship and pop music.
Oasis Praise
a church worship team that mixes it up with lots of styles and high-energy praise and worship.
their name says it all. know the zeal of dwelling in Christ. know peace. know passion.
Matt Redman
this clearly British songwriter communicates his heart of worship with deep melodies.
Revival Generation
a new breed of believers have risen to proclaim Jesus Savior. these are their songs.
Rock 'n' Roll Worship Circus
striving to recreate classic rock 'n' roll in order to glorify God is the work of this unique band.
Jami Smith
one of the few women that does not rely on soaring vocals, this woman has gutsy passion for God.
Something Like Silas
the latest in the exprimental rock/worship realm, these guys have some great new worship sounds.
the five SF guys have raised production standards with their electric, tight sound.
Rita Springer
worship with unreserved passion and intensity that brings grit and heart instead of female beauty.
brit pop/rock sound crammed into a worship band is definitely something new and intriguing.
Ten Shekel Shirt
studying worship, these young leaders bring new light to the term modern worship.
an indie band out to rock the worship world for Christ in the texas area.
Chris Tomlin
total selflessness brings tomlin and his band to honest, heartfelt worship.
United Live
the church that brought us "shout to the Lord" gives their youth freedom to praise.
Jason Upton
featring plenty of keyboards and violin, jason upton and his band make raw, epic worship anthems.
The Violet Burning
mixing worship music with experimental brit-rock, michael pritzl and co. keep worship cutting edge.
Vineyard Canada
up north we find an exciting group of worshippers that breathe worship.
Vineyard UK
a band of starving, seeking congregants with music that reveals an ageless faith.
Darlene Zschech
the big name in hillsong music australia changes it up by going into the studio for a solo disc.

Compilation Albums
All Around the World
four british worship leaders come together to call for revival and praise around the globe.
Cathedral of Sound
a collection of trance/worship from british djs, this is a disc only for the experimentalists.
City on a Hill
essential records' worship series brings in some of today's best artists to join in quiet reflection.
Creation Worships
most of vertical music's roster shows up at creation festival for a powerful afternoon of worship.
BEC tries to marry the worlds of modern worship and techno beats for an unique project.
one of the first collections of today's top artists doing worship, this is still a landmark compilation.
Hillsong + delirious?
the two sides of worship, boring and rockin', give us a half of this live recording.
I Could Sing of Your Love Forever
the best-selling worship together collection featuring passion, sonicflood, and others.
Soul Lift
modern worship meets mainstream pop/rock in this flop of a worship record from flicker records.
The Very Best of Winds of Worship
intended to be a collection of vineyard's best tracks, this is little more than an intro sampler.
Your Love Broke Through
an attempt to celebrate green's ministry "breaks" as the original spirit of green's music is lost.
Worship Extreme
a mismatch of rock, metal, hip-hop, and more from unknowns and well-knowns alike doing "worship".
worship news
March 20, 2006 - GMA Announces Performers
The Gospel Music Awards (GMA) have announced their performers for the 37th Annual show, which will be held on April 5, 2006. According to the official web site of the GMA music awards, confirmed performances include "Chris Tomlin, Israel & New Breed, Kutless and Third Day. Joining them in performances will be BarlowGirl, Ernie Haase & Signature Sound, Mark Schultz, Martha Munizzi, Natalie Grant, Sawyer Brown and The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir. Jeremy Camp, David Crowder of David Crowder Band, Casting Crowns’ Mark Hall and Third Day’s Mac Powell will join together for a special acoustic performance. Additionally, Kirk Franklin and Rebecca St. James, who were previously announced as hosts for the 37th Annual GMA Music Awards, will perform during the show."

Additionally, Walgreen's has signed on as a lead sponsor for the television broadcast. The show will be televised starting on Easter weekend April 15 through May 21. According to the article, major markets cleared for broadcast are New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Detroit and Nashville.

For more information about the 37th Annual Gospel Music Awards, visit their web site.
- Matt 

November 29, 2005 - Kirk Franklin to appear on Oprah
Acaza.com and Kirk Franklin's official website report that Franklin will appear on the Oprah Winfrey Show tomorrow (December 30) to speak about his much publicized but victorious battle with pornography. Franklin will be accompanied by his wife, Tammy. Speaking of KF, if you haven't seen his video for the song "Looking for You," head this-a-way and look to the right of your screen.

Stay tuned to cMusicWeb for our review of Franklin's recent album Hero, and hit us with what you think of it on our message boards.
- Ben 

January 26, 2004 - Matt Redman... Live In Atlanta
Just in case Tree63's official website does not post enough news about themselves, they are now feeding us news about other artists too! It seems that Tree63's lead singer/guitarist, John Ellis, is helping out his friend Matt Redman with a gig.

This coming weekend, January 28-30th, Matt Redman and Passion founder Louie Giglio will be hosting the Facedown Conference in Atlanta. Our sources at Tree63 say we should expect a live CD and possibly a DVD from the Facedown event to hit stores in June, and possibly even a live "best-of" disc from Matt Redman.
- Dan 

October 21, 2002 - Sonicflood Working on New Album
CMCentral reports today that Sonicflood is in studio working on the follow-up to their unfortunate 2001 effort, Resonate. The group has employed Marc Byrd, co-producer of City on a Hill, and will release a new album on March 11.

The group reportedly plans to tour extensively in the new year, with about 150 dates booked. Their entire schedule can be viewed here.
- Ben 

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