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Eric M. Owyoung (lead vocals, guitars)
Malina Owyoung (keyboards, vocals)
Nick Maybury (guitars)
John Luzzi (bass)
Lenny Beh (drums)

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Divine Invitation - Click to view! DIVINE INVITATION (2004)
I've driven the California highway that holds the white windmills spanning endlessly across the brown landscape. The arms blur, morphing into each other with no distinction. But the cover of Divine Invitation shows the arms bending, transforming into ribbons, and breaking the straight mold. The band Something Like Silas is the ribbon arms of worship music. Read full review...

Glimpses - Click to view!
Why is it that independent records seem to hold so much more creative promise than their mainstream counterparts? I suppose it's due to freedom of experimentation. Bands don't have to answer to the big record exec holed up in the 37th floor of his downtown high-rise. Sure, only 50 people know of their music, but at least they have the liberty to record anything they dang well please! Read full review...

A simple flash site with all the info you need on the band, this is one of the only places for Something Like Silas info.

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