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Change Me on the Inside
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Change Me on the Inside - Click to view! CHANGE ME ON THE INSIDE (2002)
While modern worship projects can succeed in accomplished musicianship or creating an overall "good feeling" of worship, fewer albums pass the test under the criterion of heartfelt expression. With Vineyard Canada's Change Me On The Inside, we see an effective balance between well-crafted music and honest songwriting.

This disc takes the listener on a musical journey to many different places on the map. From Ireland, with the Celtic influenced "Faithful" and "Be My Guide," to the UK with the pleading "Multiply Your Love." The U2 influence is tapped with "Fall on Me" and the country music fans will not be disappointed with "I Believe," a tune that is just begging for some line dancing. Intimate moments are developed with an acoustic guitar on "All I Need." This song is found in the album's prime set of slower songs. "All I Need" is sandwiched by "Into Your Presence," which sounds hauntingly like Chantal Kreviazuk, and a popular worship tune, "Holy, Holy." From a musical standpoint, Change's strength lies in diverse, yet consistently solid music.

It is the lyrics however that makes the disc stand out as one of the better Vineyard albums. The first song, "Multiply Your Love," contains a passionate cry for the Canadian church lifted to God. This sets the tone for an album full of raw emotion. "Fall on Me" is a desperate prayer for God's anointing when we need it the most. However, the song that reaches the heart of the album's message is the modern country influenced title track.
"I long for freedom / To live in the truth / I long to be more like You / Every time I try to bring about change / I only touch the physical me / There's only one way I can finally break free / Change me on the inside."
These words express the Christian's plight of self-improvement and the reliance on God required to make those changes. The intense desire to worship God is expressed in "Holy, Holy" and "Into Your Presence." Both tracks contain soaring choruses expressing a willingness to worship with specific focus on God's righteousness. Practical applications are made in "Every Move I Make" and "I Give Thanks," where we are encouraged to offer our everyday lives to the Lord after recognizing what He has done for us.

The strength of the musicians only carries the powerful messages contained in each song. Stylistically, the variation in song styles is a treat to listen to, and draws us into the setting where this album was recorded. Some musical improvements could have been made to faster songs like "I Give Thanks" to distinguish them more clearly from the slower numbers. It is encouraging that the excellent musical effort of the band becomes secondary to their humble lyrical offerings. It is also what makes Change Me On The Inside worth buying.
- Jon Corbin
January 2003

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