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cMW: Why do you suppose your music appeals so much to the college age crowd?
David Crowder: I don't know. I don't interpret market trends at all. It might be more perception just because we have been in front of college students probably more than anybody else. I got my start at and I am still at the church that I helped start as an undergrad. I moved to Waco, Texas. I went to Baylor University and when I was an undergrad there I helped start a church. And it was college students. And about a year into the church, I started writing songs to try to articulate or express faith for these students that I was living life with there. Read full interview...

David Crowder (vocals, acoustic guitar)
Jason Solley (electric guitar)
Jack Parker (electric guitar)
Mike Hogan (electric violin)
Mike Dodson (bass)
Jeremy Bush (drums)

A Collision - Click to view! A COLLISION (2005)
David listened to me! No, I didn't accost him at a show. And I surely didn't call his home. But when writing a review for Sunsets and Sushi, I made a point of saying how I wish more electronic sounds could be incorporated into his regular studio work. But then I wrote how no, this would more than likely never happen. (But one could hope!) Read full review...

Sunsets and Sushi - Click to view!
While in college, I had to take a few Literary Theory classes, and within the core curriculum I learned about the post-modern buzzword: deconstruction. Deconstruction became the gigantic umbrella under which all criticism could flourish. No longer did the text remain neutral; now every word, every moment of pause and reflection, held a deep purpose. For instance, each nuance could be seen as the result of the author subconsciously projecting him/herself onto the text. Read full review...

The Lime CD - Click to view!
THE LIME CD (2004)
Chances are some of you out there are devoted fans who have traversed long distances to David Crowder Band album release parties and already own the green CD and the yellow CD. But for the rest of us who want to experience live Crowder music, The Lime CD presents the perfect opportunity by combining both EPs. Capturing concerts from California and Atlanta, this CD is a necessary ingredient to the collection of any David Crowder enthusiast. Read full review...

Illuminate - Click to view!
Think a moment of how important light is to your daily life. After counting how often you flip on a light switch, one can imagine why God made sure to create light before any other element. On Illuminate, David Crowder Band takes the concept of illumination and uses it as the central trunk from which all other songs radiate. This project reflects the passion and energy of Can You Hear Us? and transports the band to a new level of creation. Read full review...

Can You Hear Us? - Click to view!
It seems that every new day brings a new worship group. Some people accredit this phenomena to "the move of God" in Christian music, but when one looks at acts like the David Crowder Band, doubt is cast on that theory. There is no creativity, nothing that would capture a heart and pull it into praise... they might have it somewhere within them, but it doesn't show in their latest album Can You Hear Us?. The David Crowder band has a lot of potential. They know how to handle their instruments, and they understand the dynamics of music. Read full review...

All I Can Say - Click to view!
ALL I CAN SAY (1998)
The band's indie debut.

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