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THE LIME CD (2004)
The Lime CD - Click to view!Chances are some of you out there are devoted fans who have traversed long distances to David Crowder Band album release parties and already own the green CD and the yellow CD. But for the rest of us who want to experience live Crowder music, The Lime CD presents the perfect opportunity by combining both EPs. Capturing concerts from California and Atlanta, and including some bonus studio tracks, this CD is a necessary ingredient to the collection of any David Crowder enthusiast.

I happened to buy the green CD at a show a few years ago, not knowing the rarity of such an event, so the first few tracks on this recording are very familiar and contain the same remembered energy. The rowdy crowds heard on the record accurately reflect the band's concerts. "Sing Like the Saved" has Crowder speaking to the crowd, encouraging them to sing/dance along. The audience is heard shouting the lyrics, and one can picture their dancing revelries. And in case you need assistance, this is how you should picture the people: sweaty, loud, compacted together in a tight space and still jumping up and down with all their strength. The same mental image can be assumed with the song "Undignified," especially when Crowder warns, "We're fixin' to get a little uncivilized." The drums pound, the guitars distort, the energy builds, and the band cooks up some good ear candy. So many different electronic noises occur behind the steady drumbeat. David Crowder Band succeeds in moving the congregation to participate in loud praise, and they're talented enough musically to keep the audience in the flow.

"You Alone" and "I Need Words/God of Wrath" serve as two slower live tracks, and they pack just as much power as the fast tunes, if not more. "You Alone" has delicate guitar arpeggios and soft vocals. In fact, the vocals are so soft that the audience can be heard singing along, "You are the only one I need / I bow all of me at Your feet / I worship You alone / You have given me more than I could ever have wanted / And I want to give You my heart and my soul." "God of Wrath" contains the familiar guitar work and turntables, and it reflects worshipful moments similar in nature to "I Need Words" and "You Alone."

The song that surprised me the most was "End of October." It has a soothing New Age/Techno/Electronica feel, and it seems as dark as its title suggests. It's a recording of upbeat piano loops and record scratches, but much more elegant than that description suggests. I have very little exposure to this musical genre, and very rarely do I like a song without a vocalist, but I greatly enjoyed this track.

The CD culminates with a demo version of "Heaven Came Down" that seems tacked-on, but the whole album feels meshed together in a loose organization. My only complaint is that The Lime CD lacks the cohesive order of Illuminate. I wanted to see the green and yellow CDs truly mixed together to form that lime flavor. Right now the green and yellow remain separate; they retain their original identity as EPs rather than losing themselves to create a needed album unity. But true David Crowder Band fans will overlook this minor detail and cherish the live recording from this popular worship band.
- Hollie Stewart
July 2004
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