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Can You Hear Us? - Click to view!It seems that every new day brings a new worship group. Some people accredit this phenomena to "the move of God" in Christian music, but when one looks at acts like the David Crowder Band, doubt is cast on that theory. There is no creativity, nothing that would capture a heart and pull it into praise... they might have it somewhere within them, but it doesn't show in their latest album Can You Hear Us?.

The songs "I Need Words," and "Our Love is Loud" are prime examples of Crowder's skill as a songwriter. The first uses average guitar riffs to back up Crowder pondering how he can better express his love to God, which, of course, is impossible because there are no words. It's an all too common precept in today's Christian music. "Our Love is Loud" holds an obnoxious chorus of "We love you Lord, we love you, we love you" and "Thank You for Hearing Me" repeats the title 4 times, and then exchanges "hearing" with "loving," "finding," "healing" etc. Easy to learn? Yes. Easy to play? Yes. Perfectly suited for youth groups? Yes. More than that? Not likely.

Sharing space with these "original" songs is a quiet rendition of delirious?'s "Obsession." A great song in its own right, the David Crowder Band gives it a decent play. The classic hymn "All Creatures of Our God and King" also makes an appearance and is surprisingly one of the best tracks on the album. With drawn-out keyboards, violins and a soft echo, you can just see the cathedral and the stained glass windows. Very cool.

The David Crowder band has a lot of potential. They know how to handle their instruments, and they understand the dynamics of music. If Crowder ever starts to seek originality in his music, this band could easily be one of the best in the industry. Their music (though average) is easy to listen to, and they praise with sincerity. It is really a shame that they have produced something that is so status quo. Perhaps their next album will blow us away. Time will tell.
- Melissa Miles
August 2003
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