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A Collision - Click to view!David listened to me!

No, I didn't accost him at a show. And I surely didn't call his home. But when writing a review for Sunsets and Sushi, I made a point of saying how I wish more electronic sounds could be incorporated into his regular studio work. But then I wrote how no, this would more than likely never happen. (But one could hope!)

And then I put in A Collision. And I begin to hear noises. I begin to hear techno noises. And I start dancing, because David had heard my words and fulfilled my request.

Okay, so maybe he didn't hear me. I could be living in delusion. Either way, the eclectic fairy sprinkled diversity dust onto this newest record. Not only is the new release more techno, but there are also touches of classical, punk-pop, 80's rock, white-men gospel, alternative rock, and bluegrass (yes, bluegrass). Sprinkled amid the crops stand David and his ever-faithful acoustic guitar. And what's the purpose of such an assortment? Simple: to worship the Creator with fresh imagery. It's quite a harvest.

The album is divided into four sections, each carrying five to six songs, along with a specific music mood. Part A contains the familiar "Here Is Our King" (already released on the Passion '05 disc) and additional tunes that maintain the familiar praise structure common to the DCB. "Foreverandever Etc…" carries the punk-pop flair one would expect from Superchic[k] or BarlowGirl. It's not a favorite of mine, but it will get the junior highers jumping.

Part B contains the bluegrass/gospel sing-along "I Saw The Light" that was recorded in a barn behind the Crowder home. It contains plenty of mandolin, banjo, violin, and good 'ol foot-stomping and hand-clapping to keep the Midwesterners happy. It also contains the title track, with lines like, "The breaking makes a sound I never knew could be so beautiful and loud." This breaking occurs with the collision, with God meeting creation.

Part C is by far my favorite movement. It's extremely intense in musical composition and passionate worship. A call to be quiet and wait ("B Quiet Interlude") leads into "Do Not Move." The intensity reminds me of a rock ballad, only much better than anything you're more than likely picturing right now. The chorus culminates into cries of, "Breathe in deeper now." This is the moment of collision, where the air is so thick you almost feel like you can inhale His Spirit. It can only be compared to "Cry Mercy" from the DCB independent album All I Can Say.

Part D completes the album with a finalizing theme showcased in a song called "We Win!" The chorus goes, "And we've already won and you don't have a chance." This is then sung over and over and over again. It's very Revelation-like in conclusion. After this comes a fake-sounding interview with David conducted by a semi-clueless interviewer. At least I'm hoping it's a staged interview. It's material that would seem more appropriate as a hidden track, but it's given its own place in the musical canon.

There remains something very real with this record. Setting aside silliness and experimentation for the moment, I sense a real effort on the part of these band members to touch the heart of God. The musical and verbal intensity reflects this desire. I believe A Collision took this band and raised them to another level. If the amount of growth that took place between Illumination and this record continues, the David Crowder Band will more than likely be around for several more years. And that is a great thing.
- Hollie Stewart
October 2005
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