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Alyssa Barlow (bass guitar, keyboard, vocals)
Lauren Barlow (drums, vocals)
Becca Barlow (guitar, vocals)

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Another Journal Entry - Click to view! ANOTHER JOURNAL ENTRY (2005)
"We met these sisters / Barlow's their last name / Ordinary girls / They don't live in the fast lane" So go the opening lines of "Barlow Girls," the leadoff cut on the Karaoke Superstars album from multi-instrumentalist Max Hsu and his cohorts in the alt-pop outfit, Superchic[k]. As anyone with even a passing knowledge of Christian pop will tell you, much has happened for the then-unknown Alyssa, Lauren and Rebecca Barlow since being name checked by Hsu & Co. in early 2002. Read full review...

BarlowGirl - Click to view!
The girls in BarlowGirl were the basis of a hit song before most even knew who they were. As the protagonists in Superchic[k]'s "Barlow Girl," these three sisters were held in high regard because of their biblically strong morals. Now, with two years' experience and a record deal under their belt, this trio has finally released a debut CD in hopes of capitalizing on the notoriety provided by the Superchic[k] song. Read full review...

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